Updates For The Nest!

     I've had multiple emails, texts, calls, and DMs asking what the latest is. People see our former brick and mortar store is closed at 2205 Mt. Vernon Ave and yet there is activity on the website. Well, as they say, when one door closes, another one opens. A fellow Del Ray business owner and friend offered an office space for Kiskadee to work out of to run the website. I had always planned on the website continuing but now I have an opportunity to do more than that without the overhead and stress that the old storefront brought. This new location is just across the street on the 3rd floor: 2202 Mount Vernon Ave.

    I continue to receive new inventory and am working on bringing back some customer favorites. I am working on making the new space nice and will eventually take private appointments if you'd like to look at anything/try on anything in person. I've had more requests than I can count for the Bird bag to come back. If you aren't familiar with that, it was something I did in the early days of the pandemic that allowed people to try on clothes at home without having to purchase them first. Basically, a local version stitch fix is the best way I can describe it. I am working with my website designer to make this a possibility. It's all in the code which I DO NOT understand.

   When private appointments and the Bird Bag are ready for launch, I will announce that via social media and email. So, if you don't already receive our emails, please sign up. I don't send a lot...maybe one a week. You can do that on the homepage of our website.

   Speaking of the website, you will see some cosmetic changes to that as well! I have plenty of time now to more focus on it.