Happy Anniversary, Kiskadee! by Celeste Crutchfield | 10.11.17

Pop the champagne and happy birthday to us…Kiskadee is 10 years old!  What started as the baby of Darby Rush and Neil Hall has grown up and fulfilled a dream of mine…to become the owner of a specialty boutique. Kiskadee has thrived despite the rise of the big box stores, the fall of the big box stores, and so far, the rise of online shopping and Amazon. The store has amazingly supportive customers not only in Del Ray but beyond both near and far. It goes without saying that at Kiskadee we love to give back to our community by supporting Del Ray and local charities.

It’s a party!


Come help us celebrate our 10th year tomorrow, Thursday, October 12 from 6-8pm. That evening all full-priced shoes and apparel will be 30 percent off then 20 percent off the remainder of the weekend! Plus, we will have fabulous door prizes every half hour and the first 15 people to arrive will receive a beautiful free gift with purchase.


Let the champagne flow!


Drinks will be chilled and special treats served from our scrumptious, local Del Ray restaurants! Quench your thirst and nibble on treats as we toast to another 10 years!


And there will be glam!


What is a boutique’s anniversary party without glamour? Maria and her staff from Salon DeZen will be in the house creating masterpieces on our guests at her braid bar. Come get your style on with new fashions and a new coif!

Kiskadee is incredibly lucky and blessed to have dedicated and caring employees, supportive customers, and an encouraging community. Sometimes there are no words to express sincere gratitude except the simplest: from deep within our hearts, thank you.

How To Look Cute Camping (OK, Glamping) by Celeste Crutchfield | 09.29.17


I truly love Madelyn Orfitelli, the editor of Alexandria Stylebook, but when she suggested I write a post on “how I look cute” when I camp I laughed myself silly! [Editor’s note: in my defense, in the pics I saw on Facebook of Celeste camping with her daughter’s Girl Scout troop, and as a veteran of *many* such encampments, trust me, she looked way cuter than a normal camper!] When my family camps we rough it. I pack my worst clothes because we get downright dirty. However, I prefer to glamp it up at the Homestead; it’s one of my favorite places to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings…when I’m not at the spa that is.

I like to pack light, so I try my best to stick to neutrals but I will always throw in a colorful top and a shoe with a fun detail. Little extras go a long way! Try these suggestion packing tips for your next weekend trip.


Save or Splurge…It’s (Almost!) Sweater Weather by Celeste Crutchfield | 09.25.17

Fall is truly my favorite fashion season. The gorgeous colors of fall clothing mirror the changing colors of the leaves. The cool, crisp, clear mornings and the chilly nighttime sky makes me reach for my favorite sweaters. As we all know, sweaters are a closet staple, no matter your shape or size and they can make you feel cozy and comfortable as much as your best friend.

Sweaters come in a variety of styles, hues, and fabric.  They can be lightweight and feminine, or chunky and boxy.  They pair well with jeans or leggings, and of course, tried-and-true, now back-in-style corduroys.  I’ve highlighted a few of our favorites, letting you decide where you want to save or splurge!


Why are these splurge worthy? The fabric, design, and details.


Acrobat sweater, $196

This sweater is as ladylike as they come. The combination of cotton and cashmere delivers a wonderfully light knit while the soft pink hue and the sweet, ruffled, pure silk peplum are the picture of femininity.


Lisa Todd sweater, $198

Cotton and cashmere are again combined to form a lightweight knit but in basic black. Did I say basic!? This sweater is anything but basic with hot pink detailing, zippers at the hips, and the cutest pompoms to help you zip or unzip the sweater as you please.


Lisa Todd sweater, $277

Can we say 100 percent pure cashmere?? So incredible soft and yummy, and the multi-media details of the sweater is reminiscent a kaleidoscope of colors.


You don’t have to suffer inferior workmanship on less expensive sweaters.  The fabric content is simply different — no silk or cashmere — but they are just as lovely!


Michael Stars sweater, $100

All cotton knit, all lovely.  A simple, blush pink sweater to throw on and go anywhere, everywhere and won’t break the bank.


Mystree Sweater, $81

Super details adorn this gray, nylon/acrylic sweater with extra focus at the high/low hemline. It sports a black ribbed hem in front with black ribbed cuffs at the wrist, and a white ribbed hem in back.  Also note the cording that highlights the different style of knit at the sides.


M Rena, $95

Everyone loves a chunky knit. It is timeless, classic, and can be worn again and again with any style of pant or legging.  This marled, blue V-neck sweater is acrylic, polyester, and cotton.  It is soft and toasty and can be worn alone or over a crew style tee or button down shirt.

So splurge or save…be true to your own personal style!

How To Mix Patterns by Celeste Crutchfield | 09.21.17


I’m always amazed at the mix of patterns modeled by certain designers. Some are stunning in a “why didn’t I think of that?” way, while others have me scratching my head wondering if the model got dressed in the dark. Personally, mixing patterns is not my forté. In fact, it scares me. However, we can go on this journey together with the K.I.S.S. rule…Keep It Simple, Stupi…nope, nope, nope…Keep It Simple, Smarty!


Dip your toe in…


If you are uncertain how to mix the prints already in your closet, go the boutique avenue.  There is absolutely no thinking on your part.  This gorgeous dress by Laundry is a perfect example.  Pairing the mixed floral print with simple accessories, such as these booties and gold earrings, is key to letting you and the dress shine.


Pair similar colors


The main color in this top is aubergine and includes varying shades of this gorgeous staple fall color. It blends perfectly together. Plus, note how the pattern on the jacket and the inner shirt is similar…the designs simply vary in size while the shapes are basically the same. Even better? This top by Toulani is ONE PIECE!  Again, no how-to-mix pattern thinking involved! Add the sparkle of a druzy necklace and earrings to complete a beautiful fall look.


No need to commit…


Want a great way to mix patterns without making a commitment?  Throw on a scarf!  Don’t’ like it?  Put on a different one…it is as simple as that.  This top has a muted soft gray and white checkered print. We combined it with a boldly patterned scarf that includes the color gray. Making sure the scarf and the top have at least one similar color will make the look classic and seamless…like a mixed pattern pro!

Dip your toe in…Keep It Simple, Smarty…and have the confidence to mix and match. We are in this together!

6 Unexpected Reasons To Visit Kiskadee by Celeste Crutchfield | 09.13.17

As all Stylebook readers know, at Kiskadee we love our customers. I have now owned the store for four months and the rumor mill still churns that this beloved store is closing. NO! Kiskadee is open, selling customer favorites, responding to customer requests, and selling new merchandise. I’ve enjoyed slowly putting my stamp on the store and I am so thankful all is being positively received.  There is no better time than now to revisit Kiskadee, freshen up your wardrobe, and experience firsthand the terrific personal shopping experience only small boutiques can offer.

Lisa Todd.png

New Clothing Lines: I love color!  The past few seasons have been very neutral-focused, so seeing pops of color is so refreshing. Of course, we will always carry neutrals…we can’t live without the basics.  But to pair a heavenly shade of green with your jeans or a bright pop of fuchsia with black will add depth and cheer to your fall wardrobe.


Jammies: I couldn’t resist…I love pajamas!  Especially those with a whimsical element. Go to sleep happy!

Customer Requests: Yep…this is how we got the fun Tulip line in our store. If there is a clothing designer you have difficulty finding, please ask if we will carry it.  Same with gift items! I enjoy researching new lines and viewing innovative ideas perfect for Kiskadee


That Girl Loves To Shop—Tweens! Yes, they do…and we love to help them purchase items that won’t break their bank. They are learning to budget their allowance and babysitting money.  We have many young ladies come in with $20 wanting to buy a gift for their besties and at Kiskadee they can come in under budget with our fun, whimsical, and thoughtful gifts…for anyone, actually!


Babies: I know, right?  Too cute for words.


Dress by Tyler Boe

Tried & True: Never fear!  We have our customer faves such as Wilt, Tyler Boe, and Johnny Was.  New arrivals of these Kiskadee classics are in the store now.  We will keep the beloved clothing lines favored by YOU…our terrific and incredible stylish customers!

Celeste’s Del Ray by Celeste Crutchfield | 09.08.17


I’m proud to call Del Ray my home. It’s a vibrant neighborhood where so many of us are lucky to live and work. This hometown appeal merges with an eclectic ambiance…where else in Alexandria can you feast your eyes upon bright murals, purple-painted homes, and a goose whose outfits change with sporting events and seasons? I walk everywhere…Del Ray is home to a plethora of restaurants, bars, farmers markets, specialty grocery stores, and, of course, Kiskadee!

Del Ray exudes excitement with each day. We walk our kids to school and greet our neighbors with smiles. Kindness really does build community…come enjoy my slice of heaven!


I was desperate. I couldn’t get to the pharmacy; my husband was out of town, and my daughter very ill.  I called the Neighborhood Pharmacy to explain my dilemma and much to my surprise they said they would deliver my daughter’s antibiotics to our home!  I was shocked at the level of personalized service and so incredibly thankful…I’m a fan forever!



Celeste is wearing Johnny Was

I have so many favorite restaurants in Del Ray but the family go-to is Taqueria Poblano.  The crispy chicken tacos are my favorite (oh, my mouth is watering now!) and the margaritas to die for.  You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, their catering is outstanding, and takeout is a terrific option for families on the go!

Dog Lovers’ Paradise


Celeste is wearing Ost

If you come to Del Ray on Saturday morning be prepared for foot traffic…four-legged, that is. Rover is so welcome in Del Ray that Kiskadee and many other businesses keep dog bowls out front filled with fresh water.  I frequent Your Dog’s Best Friend for my pup’s food, snacks, and toys.  They also have a terrific section of fun collars and leashes to match your pup’s personality…they come bedazzled too!

I’m sure you have seen the signs above the freeways that say, “If you lived here, you’d be home now.”  Don’t spend your life on the freeway.  Live where you work.  At the very least…come visit my Del Ray!

Smellicious! 08.16.17 Darby Rush

Not too long ago I hosted a dinner party and received a wonderful hostess gift…a lavender-scented pillow insert.  Now I’ve heard of such inserts, but never had I thought to treat myself.  Well, I should have, I LOVE IT!  Every time I turn a lovely fragrance fills the air, I fall back into a deep sleep…and I’m in heaven!

I dug deeper and discovered the delicious, fragrant world of elizabethW.  This company is so committed to their products and their customers that we received multiple samples. The entire Kiskadee staff sniffed, tested, and voted for their favorites.  Meanwhile, Celeste made a beeline for her bathtub and sank into the luxurious lavender elizabethW bath fizzes.

These elizabethW products make terrific hostess gifts or, better yet, a wonderful gift for yourself.  If you don’t pamper yourself, who will?

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 1.48.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 1.49.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 2.05.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 2.05.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 2.08.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 2.13.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 2.19.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 3.17.19 PM.png

Afraid of Statement Jewelry? 4 Ways To Wear It Every Day 08.09.17 Celeste Crutchfield

Big, bold, and beautiful jewelry…yikes!  It is the fear of the unknown.  You love it, you covet it, but how do you wear it?  Do you think it needs to be saved for a special occasion?  Not at all!  Statement jewelry is a perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe.

1. Add the Unexpected


One of my favorite ways to adorn a white tee is with sparkles!  It adds the element of surprise to see a closet basic pop with gems.

2. Pair Bold Jewelry with Patterns


Pair your statement jewelry with bold patterns but keep the rest of your outfit simple with clean lines.

3. Instant Dress-up


Immediately “fancify” your fall go-to wardrobe of jeans, tee, and boots by adding a bold earring or necklace.

4. Work?  Absolutely!


I always say your work wardrobe need not be boring!  Pair your silk with any statement earrings, such as these gorgeous disks, or statement necklace and show you mean business!

There is a plethora of statement styles to add to your wardrobe. Don’t feel limited by your closet…as you can see, bold jewelry can become your new staple!

Jeans and Tees, A Love Affair 08.08.17 Allison Taylor

If I could live in anything, other than my workout gear, it would be in terrific-fitting jeans and a fantastic t-shirt. That is MY comfort level of dressing for both day and night. I have always admired woman who wear sundresses and maxi dresses to the grocery store or to run errands. I’ve tried but I feel, well, too dressed up and super awkward. Just. Not. Me. Maybe that is my suburban, Santa Ana, California roots coming through. I went barefoot every warm weekend and all summer long until I was a teenager. In college I lived in shorts and sweats, much to my mother’s chagrin.

Fast forward to moving to Washington, D.C., and my first invitation to a casual barbeque.  I put on my Levi Original 501 button down jeans (ok, it was the mid-80s and they cost me only $15) and a cute tee, arrived at the party, and wow…was I sorely under-dressed!  Casual to my (mostly southern and east coast) friends consisted of sundresses on the ladies and khakis and button down shirts for the men.  I distinctly remember feeling supremely out of place and thinking to myself“oh my goodness, they are so dressed up…that’s casual?!”

After many attempts over my 50+ years to “upgrade” my wardrobe, I have finally come to the conclusion I will always remain a jeans-and-tee type of gal. Luckily Kiskadee has a plethora of choices to feed my obsession. If you share my fascination, different styles come in every week…below is only a small sample!


Early Fall Fashion Faves! 08.03.17 Celeste Crutchfield

Yes, it is August. Yes, it is sweltering. And yes, fall fashion has been in boutiques and department stores since mid-July. Summer clothing sales are in full air-conditioned mode, and our very loyal customers tell us they are “too hot, sweaty, and gross” to even hear us mention trying on clothing with long sleeves…BUT THEY DO.  No one can resist the lure of fall fashion…the season in which designers showcase their best!

Transitional clothing need not be heavy. It should be able to take the heat in stride…especially those still-really-warm Septembers. Keep your heavy sweaters stored until the bitter end…these pieces are perfect for fall’s light layering!

Anything in suede…


…is spot-on impeccable for fall. This dress sports it all…on-trend block print in gorgeous shades of gray, short sleeves for warmer weather, and a body skimming A-line silhouette.


Fringe is in…


…still!  I love fringe detail.  It is simple yet creates a big impact on this sleeveless, tweed dress.  The denim-colored tote adds a monochromatic flare while the classic pearl earrings juxtapose perfectly with the trendy fringe.  When a chill fills the air, add tights, boots, and a sweater and you will be protected yet stylish for the cooler months ahead.


Is it wine, or burgundy, or…


…or aubergine, or eggplant?  Whatever you call this color (purple?) it is a fall staple and for good reason…it looks stunning on everyone!  This dress is ingenious, a blank slate waiting for your personal touches. We paired it with one of our lariat necklaces as a belt!  Include your own sense of style and be sure to tag Kiskadee!

For more views of transitional clothing please check out our last post Vacay Dressing for Cooler Climes.

Vacay Dressing for Cooler Climes 08.01.17 Celeste Crutchfield

We constantly write about heading to the beach this summer. However, I think we have had a record number of customers heading to Ireland, Scotland, or Alaska for vacation.  It is cold up north!  They are not looking for a backless stunner or sleeveless top, nor are they looking for a shapeless parka.  They want fashionable pieces that are easy to pack and will take the edge off the cool winds that buffet the cliffs of Ireland.

If you pack it, they will come…


Stay true to summer and pack your white skinny jeans!  And, as my mother always said, everything goes with white (and black, too!).  This checked swing top is to die for.  It is the perfect length for your jeans, knitted with stretch for uber comfort and packability, and is on trend with its mock turtleneck and leather arm patches.

Classic button down…with a twist


Before you kiss the Blarney Stone, pull out the plaid!  This stunning button down in a classic black and white plaid has a surprise addition — pink! — which adds a distinct feminine flare.  The long sleeves and additional hem length will provide warmth when needed.  Be sure to pack a black pair of pants and heels as this top will surely take you from day to night!

Don’t leave home without it!


Denim.  In fact, who doesn’t pack blue jeans…even if you are headed to Florida!  However, denim, comfort, and colder climates go hand in hand, especially if you are traveling all day.  Instead of pairing your jeans with a tried-and-true tee, reach for this striking silk blue top.  Its simple, abstract print in slate gray, longer rear hemline, and tiny wrist flutter sleeves are so delicate…pairing it with denim will give your outfit complete leather-and-lace vibe.

The true benefit of this travel wardrobe?  It all equals an easy transition to fall!

Elizabeth and James Jewelry: Funk It Up! 07.24.17 Celeste Crutchfield

At Kiskadee we proudly offer what our customers want and expect, especially when it comes to our distinctive jewelry! We also love to mix it up, introduce new styles, and think outside of the box…welcome Elizabeth and James!

Funky and uber fashionable, these pieces are statements in their own right. They can be worn with a casual vibe or turn your look into one of ultra lux. Come in and try these chic modern classics!

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 3.26.03 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 3.27.11 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 3.28.07 PM (1).jpg
Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 3.32.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 3.34.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 5.32.23 PM.png

Tourist? Don’t Lose your Style! 07.21.17 Celeste Crutchfield

With August quickly approaching many of us are thinking about our getaways…whether it is to Europe, Vancouver, or Ocean City!  Your travels may be set but your mind begins to veer toward how and what to pack for your trip.  You want to pack light, be comfortable, AND stylish!  No ball caps, oversized shirts, and baggy shorts (yes, those all scream tourist!) will sneak into your luggage!


Comfy Knits


Knits pack well, are forgiving, and, of course, very comfortable…an absolute necessity as you view the ruins of Pompeii.  This knit by Michael Stars is perfect as you hit the road on vacation or at home.  The short sleeves add a bit of protection and the pom-pom fringe at the hem is a whimsical detail that makes this dress have stand out appeal.


Stick to Solid Colors


Solid colors are an invitation to dressing up or down a blank slate. Museums during the day and a tasty bistro at night require different accessories but only one outfit!  This lightweight jumpsuit by Alex and Trixie is perfect for multiple occasions. All you need is a simple pair of sandals and you will look chic as you take in the Uffizi Museum in Florence.  Strap on heels later that evening for a more sophisticated look as you sip glorious Italian wine with your sweetie!


Break the Rules!


Or hey…don’t pack knits and don’t pack solid colors. This stunner by Toulani is gorgeous on its own!  Toulani is known for their intricate patterns and delicious mix of colors. AND, Toulani packs well because it rarely wrinkles. Pair this dress with your favorite sandals or low wedges and breeze down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées as only the French would do!

Dress for Success: Summertime Office Dressing

It’s hot outside. It’s humid outside. You stand among others on a crowded Metro platform, longing for fresh air and a break from the heat.  You arrive at the office, push through the revolving door, and WHAM! You are hit with a blast of cold, arctic air. It can be very confusing how to dress appropriately for such bipolar conditions.

Layering is essential! Air conditioning can put a chill on anybody. It may be 100 degrees outside but I bet you have a space heater under your desk to combat Mr. Cold Miser’s frosty air! Each of these special outfits can command an unstructured blazer or wrap to take you from the office to the outdoors in a flash!


Summer dressing means shorter hemlines.  A general rule of thumb…if you would wear it to the beach it is not appropriate for the office!  The consensus is no more than a couple of inches above the knee. Mini-skirts, booty shorts, clingy fabrics are giant no-no’s.  This dress by Julie Brown is perfect!  The hemline falls just above the knee and the design is simple yet chic.


If your office is a bit more formal, a solid color is the way to go. This lasting trend can be a major benefit to your wallet as well. All you need to do is change your accessories and you will instantly have several new outfits in your wardrobe. This safari-inspired dress by Finely will be an immediate classic, sure to be pulled from your wardrobe again and again.


Have you noticed a theme yet?  Ditch the stuffy suits! If your office is a bit more informal, artsy, and edgy, go for the leopard print and ruffles. It screams confidence and authority but very is approachable, too. It’s OK to bring out your inner fashionista at work…in fact…it is encouraged!  It doesn’t hurt to bring a bit of sunshine to any office setting!

White Hot! 07.12.17 Celeste Crutchfield

Summer temps are soaring so ditch the dark fabrics and lighten up!  White is the neutral of summer dressing.  How many times have you heard “white goes with everything”?  Well…it’s true!  Can you pair white with your favorite, darling denim?  Of course! But why not try head-to-toe white?!


Boho Beach


Imagine the ocean. Imagine the sun setting. Imagine you and your significant other sipping cocktails at the best restaurant in Rehoboth Beach! There is no need to imagine your outfit…we have it right here!  Pair a breezy white tunic over flowing linen pants and accessorize with minimalist jewelry and stellar sandals…perfect for a night out with your love!


Weekend Chic


It’s the weekend and you are hanging with your besties…lunch, shopping, maybe a movie to avoid the afternoon heat.  You will look so chic in white jeans paired with a feminine white top.  Add a pop of color and dimension with flirty gold earrings and textured sandals.


Go-To Dress


We ALL have it…our favorite go-to summer dress! Completely effortless, we throw it on as we head to the farmers’ market. Pair it with a gold bag, toss on some Jack Rogers jellies, and you are dressed for the day!

Under $20: Shopping By and for Tweens 07.11.17 Celeste Crutchfield

Tweens are simply stuck in the middle. They are not quite children nor teens, and definitely not adults! But my do they looooove to shop! However, they do not have a lot of discretionary income so they scrimp and save their allowance to improve their purchase power. They shyly come into Kiskadee with their sweet smiles and have $20 to spend on their mom or a birthday gift for their best friend. We can help!


To Infinity and Beyond!


Tweens have a definite sense of style.  They aren’t afraid to explore new trends — in fact, they are embraced!  Bold colors are a favorite and these infinity scarves deliver. Perfect for a budding fashionista!


Bracelet Love


The expressions on these bracelets are priceless!  They are inspirational, funny, and even a little edgy.  These ID bracelets are the perfect size for small yet growing wrists and come in both gold and silver.


Write It!


When tweens are told to write in school, they grumble and procrastinate…much like us adults!  Yet those bundles of emotions have a lot to say. Journals are a safe spot for tweens to let loose to write poetry, songs, or simply about day-to-day life.


I remember being 12 going on 20 and wanting that elusive independence. I’m happy Kiskadee can empower tweens as the spot to go for all of their friends!

Independents” Week Q+A: Kiskadee’s Celeste Crutchfield on Being a New Entrepreneur 07.06.17 Alexandria Stylebook

One of the newest entrepreneurs in town, Celeste Crutchfield recently bought Kiskadee. She shares what it’s like to just be getting started in this edition of our Independents Week series.


When did you open?

Kiskadee has been open for 10 years but I took over in April 2017.


What made you start your own business?

A desire to be independent and do something I love.


What had you done previously?

I worked in the Intelligence community then was a stay-at-home mom.


How did you prepare to make the switch?

Depending on friends and family for support, and training from Darby and Neil.


What is your favorite part about owning your business?

Making my own decisions.


What was the most surprising/difficult thing you’ve learned?

It’s hard to find the right mix of things when buying.


Tell us about a local independent business you love and why?

Salon DeZen. Not only is Maria an amazing stylist but her entrepreneurial spirit always inspires me.


What changes have you seen since you’ve been in business?

So far, not a lot. Hopefully the customers will keep coming back!


What are you most excited about right now?

I’m starting to feel like I understand it all.


Tried-and-True Trina 06.26.17 Celeste Crutchfield

I can’t help myself…I am obsessed with Trina Turk!  Maybe we shouldn’t do another post regarding her designs…but hey, we posted it in the spring and the summer season has begun with new, fresh styles!

The fabric, brilliant colors, and trendy designs make Trina Turk a customer and Kiskadee favorite. Because of its longevity, it is considered a classic yet its wearability allows for all shapes and sizes.  Perfect for every occasion, Trina Turk designs never disappoint!

Floral Fun!


Showcasing flora and fauna adds a bit of whimsy and lends a tropical vibe to this off-the-shoulder stunner!  The fabric is a forgiving jersey, wrinkle-free knit that is perfect to pack for your summer vacation.


Cool Jazz



Dreaming of an open-air concert?  Look chic and sophisticated in this navy and white jumpsuit.  The gauze-like fabric will help keep you cool as you sip frozé and listen to the best tunes in town.


Oh la la!



You wear it well!  Be noticed in this multi-colored butterfly dress.  So lightweight it borders on ethereal!  Pair it with strappy sandals for a truly chic look!


What is the meaning of “tried and true?” We keep coming back to Trina for more!

Sandals + Totes: Perfect Pairings for All Your Summer Plans 06.21.17 Celeste Crutchfield

Kiskadee’s summer finds can help you look your very best, no matter what your plans. These terrific totes will allow you to haul all of your goodies (and your kids’ goodies!) to the beach, pool, BBQ, you name it, and we’ve paired each bag with the perfect sandal so you can be stylish and prepared for all your leisure activities!


Summer Southern Hospitality 06.20.17 Celeste Crutchfield

This time of year friends are hosting each other at their respective summer homes. You can’t arrive empty handed! Kiskadee has many gifts you can give to your besties and each is at a terrific price point. Whether you are going to a BBQ at your neighbors or enjoying your friend’s lake house, it is easy to show your appreciation with a thoughtful gift from Kiskadee.