Work from home? Don’t wear a bathrobe. I know, it’s tempting right? You work from home, you roll out of bed, put on your robe, and soon it is five o’clock in the afternoon…and you are still wearing your robe (only now it is covered in dog hair and coffee stains).

Or maybe this sounds familiar. You exercised early in the morning and you are still in your workout clothes (not to mention the dried sweat). Of course the other scenario is you put on your workout clothes immediately hoping to exercise later in the day and soon it is five o’clock in the afternoon…and, yeah, and you are still hoping.

But working from home and looking stylish is easy with the right pieces. I believe that when you “get dressed” and look a bit more polished and put together, your work improves. Plus, it keeps you ready for any unforeseen work or life issues where you must leave the comfort of your own home. Of course that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice feeling cozy.

One benefit of working from home is you can dress supremely comfortably by picking out your favorite jeans (try Kiskadee’s DL1961’s or Kut for the Kloth) and throw on an on-trend boxy top with a shorter hemline.

Celeste is wearing Wilt, $140


Plus, you can grab a free cup of coffee anytime you want…

Celeste is wearing Project Social T, $68


The most wonderful benefit of working from home? Sneaking snuggles…

Celeste is wearing Michael Stars, $142

Celeste is wearing Michael Stars, $142