Imagine your perfect sheath dress. Fits perfectly, great for work and dates, but it is 50 degrees outside and you have bare arms and goose bumps. Brrrrrrr! So you rethink wearing your most flattering dress. Who wants to be cold, especially as winter seems to drag on this time of year? But like your favorite top, a sheath dress can be worn again and again, a chameleon, by simply styling it differently. Use these tips to maximize what is already in your closet and stretch your budget in many fashionable ways.


Kiskadee has found the most flawless sheath. The dress is made by Lysee, famous for its perfect fit leggings. It hugs your curves properly, has a hint of stretch for extra comfort, and the length falls at your knee…not too short, not too long. And yes! It can be worn all four seasons!


Elevate this sheath dress to business causal by combining it with a button-down blouse. This vibrant silk blouse by Repeat is a stunner for its simplicity and elegance. The coral hue looks gorgeous on everyone and confidently pops against the dark backdrop of the dress.


If you need a bit more cover, grab your favorite sweater and wear it over the dress. So easy and a no-brainer on a busy morning.It gives the illusion you tossed on a skirt…a completely different separate.



As the days grow warmer, try a spring-weight cashmere sweater. A classic crew-neck, short-sleeve sweater in lilac can be worn underneath the dress easily. Bring on spring with this fresh look!


Of course, when the temperature dips in the early spring a sweater is a perfect topper. Or when you are under the air conditioning at the movie theater, restaurant, grocery store…you get the drift! 

 For each season, this classic dress and its multiple looks will be your go-to, easy outfit. Enjoy creating your own looks with your closet favorites and spring new life into your wardrobe! Fashion is all about fun!