Now that I have your attention, Kiskadee is introducing a new clothing line and French Kyss will not disappoint! It is fun, funky, functional, comfortable, casual, chic…it checks all of the boxes for clothing that can swing a cocktail with the girls or errands on the fly. It is throw-on-and-go clothing at its best!

The Fabric!

First off, the fabric of French Kyss is fabulous! It has all the bells and whistles of material that is soft, but with a bit of stretch to protect and keep its silhouette throughout the day and into the night. The comfort level is out of this world!


Chic Simplicity

Chic doesn’t have to mean flashy…minimalism is chic because it uses simplicity to showcase a clothing’s fabric and easy details. Whether it showcases strategically placed stars as in the first picture, or a simple innovation such as these three-quarter length sleeves with a silver snap, both tops use the gorgeous, heather blue color and allow it to shine.


Elevated “Casualtude”

Elevated casualtude means exuding a relaxed vibe with style. This jacket by French Kyss raises the fashion quotient with its anorak design that sports pockets and a hoodie, and its washed charcoal hue. Use this jacket to instantly increase the style vibe of your favorite athlesiure wear and jeans, or use it to top your elegant silk pants or skirt for instant casualtude.

And you will never forget the name….