Can’t get enough of cozy? Me, neither. I enjoy dressing up and eating yummy holiday food (love me any and all creamy dips!) but in January give me comfortable or give me death. Seriously. My waistband is strangling me. 

As Kiskadee’s customers know, the shop is constantly adding new merchandise even while our winter sale continues. Recently we received fab tops that will make you feel like you are wearing a Snuggie but of course on trend and best yet, wearable through the spring.


Lilla P is loved by Kiskadee customers and this top will not disappoint. It is cotton, modal, over-sized, and stretchy…it moves when you do! The cowl neck will keep your décolleté warm and the kangaroo pocket is a superb place to put chilly hands or a bit of lip gloss. It is perfect now under your vest, sweater, or coat, and by itself come a cool spring morning. Wear with any skinny or straight legged jean.


Although well known for their comfortable dresses, Tyler Boe is a fashion industry leader in designing clothes for a women’s bodies. This white top is a blouse in disguise…it has perfect stretch yet is form fitting. It can be tucked in for a more polished look or left as seen here for a casual and sporty feel. The weight of the top makes it a great base layer now and it will work beautifully on its own when the blossoms begin to bloom.

Again Lilla P takes center stage in this stripped tunic. It looks fab with black pants but hey! You are heading to Florida, it will look just as awesome with white pants!

Yes, Kiskadee does have beloved sweaters and winter dresses now but it is always smart to add clothing that can be worn several seasons…your closet and wallet will thank you!