According to United State Marine Corps recruits, the definition of the word “hurricane” is when drill sergeants dump all recruits’ belongings in the middle of the barracks. “Hurricane” is also the definition of my closet when I cannot figure out what to wear to work. For many of us, what to wear to work is a persistent and recurring question Monday through Friday. You want to feel and look good in your office wear and your creative mind dismisses dressing dully. The best and easiest route to decide what to wear is knowing that simple and classy does not equal boring. A slight statement detail is all you need!

Camille is wearing Gretchen Scott, $165

Dresses are the perfect one-and-done outfit. It is a double bonus when you can keep the ironing or steaming to a minimum (or even skip entirely). Choosing a lovely pattern in gorgeous coordinating colors is a fantastic way to ease into your Monday morning work routine

Camille is wearing Tyler Boe, $170

Repetitive patterns are always elegant and in style. Plus, this dress showcases a wonderful sleeve detail: a small, split bell sleeve with a petite ruffle element at the seam. The dress allows you and your intelligence to shine.

Camille is wearing Tyler Boe, $170

The statement detail on this dress is noticed immediately as you walk into the boardroom. Framing your face is a stand-up ruffle collar that says, “Look at me. I’m a boss.” Enough said.

Camille is wearing Tyler Boe, $208

It’s Friday morning and you have a date after work…this dress is perfect with its glamorous bold pattern. Wear it with booties during day and slip on a pair of sexy heels for your evening out!

Stick to easy and stylish and your week will begin with MonYAY!