Hot sun, bare feet, long weekends…ahhhhhh, summertime, when the living is easy! Taking stock of all your summer needs is a must but with graduations, weddings, and school ending all at once, time may not be on your side. Here is our list of must-have summer accessories.


Chic Sunglasses


I know. Duh. We all know we need to protect our peepers from the sun’s glare! Avoid the squint and look fantastically chic in these sunnies from BonnieClydeLA. These specs are chock full of details from metallic features, varying frame designs, and color aspects. Fashionable eye protection at its best!


Sun-Busting Hats


Hats not only protect our skin from the sun’s UVA rays but also make us look incredible chic! Stay away from ball caps and grab a wide-brimmed hat for a fun and sophisticated flare. Make more of a fashion statement by adding a colorful band or contrasting stitching around the crown of the hat.


Plush Blanket Towel


Towels aren’t just for the beach and pool! They are a necessity on the lawn at Wolf Trap, on the grass for a picnic, or at the playground for your babes. The large, round towel will provide enough sand coverage and seating for your loved one. The beautiful blue geometric design and thick, white fringe is reminiscent of the colors of Santorini and the Aegean Sea.


Whimsical Tote


How will you carry these summer necessities? In a fun tote of course! This super cute cactus tote comes in three different colors to match your style and personality. The smaller totes can be used for your wet bathing suits or to keep sand off of your summer romance novels or Kindles. And always keep a pair of flip flops in your tote for fun-in-the-sun emergencies.


Summer is short but the days are long. Get a strong start with your summer essentials!