I’m starting to sound like my mother, “You never know until you try it on!” I heard that in my youth so many times as we bartered over “appropriate” clothing. As a boutique owner, I’m saying it several times a day.  Why? Because it is true! I guess mother really does know best!

One’s height is a constant source of dilemma when it comes to shopping. For tall women, hemlines can be too short on pants, dresses, and even tops. For shorter women, it’s obviously the opposite…but not all the time!  We petite gals can rock maxi and midi dresses, we simply need to try them on!


When shopping for a maxi, a petite woman benefits from looking for a dress that has a slight high/low hemline. This colorful beauty fits the bill. The height of the hemline is more noticeable on our tall model Maria, but much more subtle on me. Heel height on shoes is also an important consideration. I’m wearing wedges of a manageable height. No need to go crazy tall unless you want to!

maxi:midi 4.jpg

Even hemlines work, too! The hem of my dress falls a pinch or two above the ground…perfect! For Maria, the dress looks appropriately ankle length. However, your friends and significant others won’t notice the hemline. They will notice how beautiful you look in a gorgeous maxi with pinstripe detailing and a sexy, strap-y back.

maxi:midi 6.jpg
maxi:midi 5.jpg

A midi can fall short on a tall woman and too long on a shorter woman. But I repeat: you never know until you try it on! This throwback tie-dye dress is brimming with distinctive details from the wrap at the waist to the va-voom slit at the thigh. Note how both a petite and tall woman can wear flat sandals or heels and wedges.

Maxi:midi 7.jpg
maxi:midi 8.jpg

This feminine beauty has all the bells and whistles! Pom-poms, graphic design, and an optional gathered waist adorn this dress. It falls appropriately an inch or two below Maria’s knees, and swirls attractively around my calf.


Maxi and midi dresses are perfect to throw-on-and-go or wear to more special occasions, such as a summer garden party or cocktail soiree. They are so versatile…but you will never know unless you try them on!