Last week we learned how to cover bellies when wearing a cropped top. This week, why not take a risk and choose an outfit with peek-a-boo cutouts! Now I’m not talking about a mass of exposed skin, but a delicate revealing, strategically placed…just enough to keep it fun, chic, and sophisticated.

Be adventurous and reach for this trend, maybe not when you are heading to the office, but when you are heading to a summer party or to a new restaurant at D.C.’s Waterfront. The subtle peek-a-boo makes a perfect style statement.



IMG_7191 (1).jpg

From now to wow right?! This dress by Michael Stars possesses a soft, crinkle-like texture with different colored thread interspersed throughout. Just the pop it needs in addition to the tie and spicy cutout.


Oh La La!

peek-a-boo dress blk:wht.jpg

A bit body con and a sexy cutout gives this knit dress a va-va-voom effect! Its best kept secret? It is super comfortable!


Party in the Back

peek-a-boo dress blue'.jpg
peek-a-boo dress blue back.jpg

From the front, innocent, right? Surprise! The back of the dress sports a nicely shaped diamond that exposes just the right amount of your sexy back. They will watch you coming and going!

Make peek-a-boo fashion your new summer style!