You have a party, and you have the outfit…but accessories have you stumped!  You are in good company. Why can’t you just stop after finding the outfit?  Well, it’s simply not finished, that’s why. You need the snap, crackle, pop of sparkle, shimmer, and shine!

Accessories add personality to any outfit. They allow you to make a personal statement by adding your favorite jewelry, bags, and scarves. Accessories are the finishing touch that create the ultimate exclamation point to your look!


When you have a top that is a statement in and of itself, you can keep the accessories simple. A mixed media choker and a silver chain bag, used as a clutch or with the strap, is all you need for this savvy top!


This black top has fantastic statement sleeves! It only needs a pop of bling at the ears and a super fab bag that stands out on its own. This structured beauty is the yin to the top’s flow-y yang. A perfect marriage in contrasts and textures.


What is the focus? Your sexy shoulders, of course!  You definitely do not want to take away from the ethereal beauty of this décolleté top. You will be the picture of femininity with the addition of a gently bejeweled choker and soft tassel earrings.


A vibrant color pairs well with extravagant and trendy earrings.  These multi-colored tassel earrings are truly showstoppers. Plus, the various colors will allow you to elevate multiple outfits to the next level.  The gold chain mail bag creates a definite moment and can also be used as a clutch to change your look.

Don’t let the fear of accessorizing damper your outfit…mix it up with what you love!