We are a football nation. Every weekend we flip on the tube, pick our favorite teams to watch, eat guacamole and chips then yell, cry, or cheer as our various alma maters grind their way to victory. Unless, of course, you are Alabama. Then you simply slaughter your opponents. [Author’s note: The author is not recommending one team over the other…simply the fashions!]

If you are able to travel to your alma mater’s games even better! And of course with homecoming, you want to pull out all the stops by stepping out in your school’s colors. You can cheer on your team and remain stylish at the same time.



You can’t snack on Carolina BBQ without looking snazzy in your light blue top and white jeans. YES! White jeans after Labor Day!  Certain rules were made to be broken, y’all, and flaunted at homecoming!


Big 10


It can be a little chilly heading into homecoming at the University of Michigan. Dress the part by combining warm corduroy pants with a long-sleeve, gorgeous navy top. Add the beautiful scarf in bright, sunny yellow and you will have the extra layer needed to stay warm as you chant “D-Fence” until the bitter end.




No jeans and tees for the southern gals! The SEC ladies dress for their games. Cheer on the LSU Tigers in this stylish purple frock. Bring out the tall boots, throw on a scarf, feast on pre-game crawfish étouffée and prepare to root the Tigers to victory!


Big 12


Everything is big in Texas. Why not kick it up a notch with embroidered pants and a burnt orange top. Hook ‘em horns and stay cool in the stands with this cheerful ensemble!