I’m always amazed at the mix of patterns modeled by certain designers. Some are stunning in a “why didn’t I think of that?” way, while others have me scratching my head wondering if the model got dressed in the dark. Personally, mixing patterns is not my forté. In fact, it scares me. However, we can go on this journey together with the K.I.S.S. rule…Keep It Simple, Stupi…nope, nope, nope…Keep It Simple, Smarty!


Dip your toe in…


If you are uncertain how to mix the prints already in your closet, go the boutique avenue.  There is absolutely no thinking on your part.  This gorgeous dress by Laundry is a perfect example.  Pairing the mixed floral print with simple accessories, such as these booties and gold earrings, is key to letting you and the dress shine.


Pair similar colors


The main color in this top is aubergine and includes varying shades of this gorgeous staple fall color. It blends perfectly together. Plus, note how the pattern on the jacket and the inner shirt is similar…the designs simply vary in size while the shapes are basically the same. Even better? This top by Toulani is ONE PIECE!  Again, no how-to-mix pattern thinking involved! Add the sparkle of a druzy necklace and earrings to complete a beautiful fall look.


No need to commit…


Want a great way to mix patterns without making a commitment?  Throw on a scarf!  Don’t’ like it?  Put on a different one…it is as simple as that.  This top has a muted soft gray and white checkered print. We combined it with a boldly patterned scarf that includes the color gray. Making sure the scarf and the top have at least one similar color will make the look classic and seamless…like a mixed pattern pro!

Dip your toe in…Keep It Simple, Smarty…and have the confidence to mix and match. We are in this together!