I truly love Madelyn Orfitelli, the editor of Alexandria Stylebook, but when she suggested I write a post on “how I look cute” when I camp I laughed myself silly! [Editor’s note: in my defense, in the pics I saw on Facebook of Celeste camping with her daughter’s Girl Scout troop, and as a veteran of *many* such encampments, trust me, she looked way cuter than a normal camper!] When my family camps we rough it. I pack my worst clothes because we get downright dirty. However, I prefer to glamp it up at the Homestead; it’s one of my favorite places to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings…when I’m not at the spa that is.

I like to pack light, so I try my best to stick to neutrals but I will always throw in a colorful top and a shoe with a fun detail. Little extras go a long way! Try these suggestion packing tips for your next weekend trip.