I’m proud to call Del Ray my home. It’s a vibrant neighborhood where so many of us are lucky to live and work. This hometown appeal merges with an eclectic ambiance…where else in Alexandria can you feast your eyes upon bright murals, purple-painted homes, and a goose whose outfits change with sporting events and seasons? I walk everywhere…Del Ray is home to a plethora of restaurants, bars, farmers markets, specialty grocery stores, and, of course, Kiskadee!

Del Ray exudes excitement with each day. We walk our kids to school and greet our neighbors with smiles. Kindness really does build community…come enjoy my slice of heaven!


I was desperate. I couldn’t get to the pharmacy; my husband was out of town, and my daughter very ill.  I called the Neighborhood Pharmacy to explain my dilemma and much to my surprise they said they would deliver my daughter’s antibiotics to our home!  I was shocked at the level of personalized service and so incredibly thankful…I’m a fan forever!



Celeste is wearing Johnny Was

I have so many favorite restaurants in Del Ray but the family go-to is Taqueria Poblano.  The crispy chicken tacos are my favorite (oh, my mouth is watering now!) and the margaritas to die for.  You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, their catering is outstanding, and takeout is a terrific option for families on the go!

Dog Lovers’ Paradise


Celeste is wearing Ost

If you come to Del Ray on Saturday morning be prepared for foot traffic…four-legged, that is. Rover is so welcome in Del Ray that Kiskadee and many other businesses keep dog bowls out front filled with fresh water.  I frequent Your Dog’s Best Friend for my pup’s food, snacks, and toys.  They also have a terrific section of fun collars and leashes to match your pup’s personality…they come bedazzled too!

I’m sure you have seen the signs above the freeways that say, “If you lived here, you’d be home now.”  Don’t spend your life on the freeway.  Live where you work.  At the very least…come visit my Del Ray!