As all Stylebook readers know, at Kiskadee we love our customers. I have now owned the store for four months and the rumor mill still churns that this beloved store is closing. NO! Kiskadee is open, selling customer favorites, responding to customer requests, and selling new merchandise. I’ve enjoyed slowly putting my stamp on the store and I am so thankful all is being positively received.  There is no better time than now to revisit Kiskadee, freshen up your wardrobe, and experience firsthand the terrific personal shopping experience only small boutiques can offer.

Lisa Todd.png

New Clothing Lines: I love color!  The past few seasons have been very neutral-focused, so seeing pops of color is so refreshing. Of course, we will always carry neutrals…we can’t live without the basics.  But to pair a heavenly shade of green with your jeans or a bright pop of fuchsia with black will add depth and cheer to your fall wardrobe.


Jammies: I couldn’t resist…I love pajamas!  Especially those with a whimsical element. Go to sleep happy!

Customer Requests: Yep…this is how we got the fun Tulip line in our store. If there is a clothing designer you have difficulty finding, please ask if we will carry it.  Same with gift items! I enjoy researching new lines and viewing innovative ideas perfect for Kiskadee


That Girl Loves To Shop—Tweens! Yes, they do…and we love to help them purchase items that won’t break their bank. They are learning to budget their allowance and babysitting money.  We have many young ladies come in with $20 wanting to buy a gift for their besties and at Kiskadee they can come in under budget with our fun, whimsical, and thoughtful gifts…for anyone, actually!


Babies: I know, right?  Too cute for words.


Dress by Tyler Boe

Tried & True: Never fear!  We have our customer faves such as Wilt, Tyler Boe, and Johnny Was.  New arrivals of these Kiskadee classics are in the store now.  We will keep the beloved clothing lines favored by YOU…our terrific and incredible stylish customers!