With August quickly approaching many of us are thinking about our getaways…whether it is to Europe, Vancouver, or Ocean City!  Your travels may be set but your mind begins to veer toward how and what to pack for your trip.  You want to pack light, be comfortable, AND stylish!  No ball caps, oversized shirts, and baggy shorts (yes, those all scream tourist!) will sneak into your luggage!


Comfy Knits


Knits pack well, are forgiving, and, of course, very comfortable…an absolute necessity as you view the ruins of Pompeii.  This knit by Michael Stars is perfect as you hit the road on vacation or at home.  The short sleeves add a bit of protection and the pom-pom fringe at the hem is a whimsical detail that makes this dress have stand out appeal.


Stick to Solid Colors


Solid colors are an invitation to dressing up or down a blank slate. Museums during the day and a tasty bistro at night require different accessories but only one outfit!  This lightweight jumpsuit by Alex and Trixie is perfect for multiple occasions. All you need is a simple pair of sandals and you will look chic as you take in the Uffizi Museum in Florence.  Strap on heels later that evening for a more sophisticated look as you sip glorious Italian wine with your sweetie!


Break the Rules!


Or hey…don’t pack knits and don’t pack solid colors. This stunner by Toulani is gorgeous on its own!  Toulani is known for their intricate patterns and delicious mix of colors. AND, Toulani packs well because it rarely wrinkles. Pair this dress with your favorite sandals or low wedges and breeze down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées as only the French would do!