If I could live in anything, other than my workout gear, it would be in terrific-fitting jeans and a fantastic t-shirt. That is MY comfort level of dressing for both day and night. I have always admired woman who wear sundresses and maxi dresses to the grocery store or to run errands. I’ve tried but I feel, well, too dressed up and super awkward. Just. Not. Me. Maybe that is my suburban, Santa Ana, California roots coming through. I went barefoot every warm weekend and all summer long until I was a teenager. In college I lived in shorts and sweats, much to my mother’s chagrin.

Fast forward to moving to Washington, D.C., and my first invitation to a casual barbeque.  I put on my Levi Original 501 button down jeans (ok, it was the mid-80s and they cost me only $15) and a cute tee, arrived at the party, and wow…was I sorely under-dressed!  Casual to my (mostly southern and east coast) friends consisted of sundresses on the ladies and khakis and button down shirts for the men.  I distinctly remember feeling supremely out of place and thinking to myself“oh my goodness, they are so dressed up…that’s casual?!”

After many attempts over my 50+ years to “upgrade” my wardrobe, I have finally come to the conclusion I will always remain a jeans-and-tee type of gal. Luckily Kiskadee has a plethora of choices to feed my obsession. If you share my fascination, different styles come in every week…below is only a small sample!