I know, I KNOW!  Everyday should be Mother’s Day!  Just think…everyday we would not have to do any chores, we would get breakfast in bed, and go out for dinner!  Alas…that is not to be true.  Luckily moms do have a dedicated day to be properly pampered, cared for, and showered with love.

However, here is a little secret, and please realize I love my children, but when I was in the throes of raising three little people there were those of us mothers who used Mother’s Day to… well… get away from our children.  Now that they are grown and leaving the nest, I cherish every second they are home.  No matter what you do for Mother’s Day surround yourself with love, enjoy our local Del Ray restaurants (be sure to click on the links to see their menus!), and pamper yourself with a new outfit!


Croissant Anyone?

Who can resist that sweet, buttery goodness of a croissant?  Not me, nor anyone else who frequents the Del Ray Café!  We can all do it in style with this beautiful linen top by CP Shades, a California company who has put the “C” in comfort and casual.  The light pink tone is simply lovely and brings out the essence of springtime.


Blueberry Pancakes?  I’ve Died and gone to Heaven!

If blueberry pancakes make you swoon then this navy and white dress by Julie Brown will perfect the day! It is an absolute classic yet has added whimsy with giant, happy flowers spread throughout the garment.  It can easily be dressed up with heels and a few sparkly accessories, or take on a more casual tone by wearing simple jewelry and a pair of Jack Rogers sandals.  Such a plus to own a dress with multiple uses!


I’ll Take a Harissa Salad with that Biscuit!

Who loves the Stomping Ground? Raise your hand!  This fast-casual dining establishment quickly became a Del Ray favorite with its fresh biscuits and innovative menu.  Here you can begin your Mother’s Day and move on quickly for any activities you may have planned.  This off-the-shoulder jumper is perfect for any casual venue that includes eating, shopping, concert going…you name it!  The material is uber-soft and sweet details are present from the tasseled tie to whipped stitched pockets to the white woven hemline.  Throw a sweater on if a spring chill sets in but this outfit will take you all the way through summer!


Be good to yourself and have a happy Mother’s Day!