I’m always on the quest for the perfect t-shirt, and believe it or not, that is harder than it sounds.  It must have the perfect balance of strong, natural fibers for softness and stretch, it must be comfortable, and it can’t be ordinary!

“Perfection is less interesting.”  — Anne Carson

My quest stopped at my hair salon, The Studio.  It probably isn’t as strange as it sounds; we gals know our hairstylists are practically our best friends! In deep discussion with my stylist Rebecca and her business partner Jane, I mentioned my quest and how I always admired Jane’s tees.  They had a level of interest, flair, and ease I had not seen elsewhere.  Ever since that fateful day, Kiskadee has carried Wilt and a cult following was born!

Wilt began in 2009, founded by classically trained pattern maker Roxanne Heptner.  She wanted to create an uncomplicated tee with uneven hems, beautiful lines, and a comfy lived-in look as an alternative to what was not offered in the market.  Her playful designs turned the structured tee on its head!

“A beauty of things imperfect, unfinished, and evolving.”  

Wilt draws inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi.  Embrace imperfection…it looks gorgeous on you!  Every garment is draped on the body to get fit and fold.  Unique silhouettes are developed and hemlines drop, fishtail, or slant…no detail is spared.

“Imperfection is perfection to a beautiful perspective.”

Each Wilt tee is treated to a special coloration process that is instrumental to its finished look.  It is garment washed and pre-shrunk so each tee will maintain its color essence and proper fit.  Better yet, Wilt tees can be washed and worn like your favorite jeans, stay true to their spirit, and preserve their well lived-in look.

If you know Wilt, you already love it.  If you don’t know it, we’ve got it, come and try it!