Greet the New Year with new style!  We can all fall easily into ruts, whether it is eating the same cereal each morning, completing the same daily exercise routine, or walking Rover over the same route each evening.  Why do we fall into ruts?  My guess is that it is easy, no thinking involved! However, easy doesn’t necessarily translate into enjoyment.  Life is too short…let’s make ourselves happy!

Where to start busting a rut?  Your style, of course!  We love our customers and we take your comments to heart.  We hear a lot of “…I don’t do that,” “I only wear this,” “I’m too old for that.”  What do we say?  NOT!  Seem daunting?  That is why we are here…to help!  Below are a few suggestions to get you going in the New Year.

1.  Start with color!

Don’t take this the wrong way…we love neutrals!  Several of our customers have said they “don’t wear color.”  They only wear black, gray, or white.  You can still wear your neutrals on the bottom but go for color on top.  It can add color to your cheeks, brighten your eyes, and add the necessary pop to complete your outfit!  How? Start muted…

…such as trying this beautiful purple top,

 …move on to a colorful textured blouse,

…then go all out with a patterned dress!

2.  Show some skin!

Now this doesn’t mean expose yourself.  However, showing a bit of shoulder is perfect!  Be open to try off-the-shoulder or the new cold shoulder trend.  They are both classic and refined yet super sexy, and can be worn just as easily with jeans or silk pants.

3.  Try a new trend!

We love to hear the joy in our customers’ voices when they lay eyes on our collection of chokers: “I wore that in the ‘80’s!”  They’re baaaack and a wonderful way to introduce a “new” trend into your wardrobe.  And no, you are not too old…no such thing!  Simply choose the choker that speaks to you and wear it with confidence!

Habit is necessary; it is the habit of having habits, of turning a trail into a rut, that must be incessantly fought against if one is to remain alive.

– Designer Edith Wharton.