No matter your political affiliation, the inauguration of the President of the United States is a very inspiring and patriotic affair.  There are a multitude of festivities surrounding the actual swearing in ceremony and I’m not only speaking of the Inaugural Balls! Kiskadee has many styles perfect to wear to the lunches, receptions, and dinners leading up to the big day!


One thing is for certain, don’t wear your jeans to an Inaugural-related activity, lunch included!  Now is the time to dress for the occasion!  Skirts, slacks, leather pants, fanciful blouses and ponchos…all are appropriate for a luncheon.  Plus, these fashions can be used for many occasions once the Inauguration is over and life in Washington, D.C. returns to some type of normalcy.


There are many, many receptions leading up to the Inauguration.  Corporations, state societies, members of Congress all host various receptions in honor of our next President.  Step it up a notch by showing a bit of skin and adding sparkle!  Many of these events are crowded so an added pop to your top will get you noticed!  Chic and on-trend, these outfits are sure to please.


Inaugural dinners lean toward semi-formal dress.  With all the activities you have been attending, you may be exhausted!  Comfort is key.  Both the stunning jumpsuit and gold, ruched dress have a bit of stretch and are soft to the touch.  You will exude confidence and sophistication the entire evening!