You have heard it before…ROAD TRIP! It can either be a blessing or a curse depending upon your attitude and age.  As a child I loved them.  My sibs and I would sit in the back sit, eat our giant bag of Chips Ahoy and Nacho Cheese Doritos, play I Spy, and argue over who needed more room in our automobile.  We even wore our PJ’s for maximum comfort!  They are now family fun memories.  Obviously, I have grown but I still love road trips…although now I care to be comfortable and stylish!  Luckily it is easily done with smart choices and the proper accessories.

Bring a Large Handbag

Yes…we need it to carry our gal stuff.  Pack it with your necessary essentials such as makeup, wallet, phone, lip balm, face powder, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, Kindle, sunscreen, hair ties, and of course a snack, just not Chips Ahoy and Doritos!  Our bag by INZI is the perfect candidate to stow your goods.  Big bonus!  It is reversible AND has a separate, removable, zippered bag to hold whatever your heart desires.  Multiple functions for multiple uses!

Casual Chic Drive to NYC

Many of my friends take a Sunday drive to New York City to take in brunch and a Broadway matinee then hop in the car and head back to D.C.  Glorious food, fantastic Hamilton…definitely my idea of a great day!  Dressing chic is a must without sacrificing comfort and trust me…it is EASY!  Wear wide-leg linen pants and a scrumptious Joie top or our multi-hued knit dress by Viereck.  Also, consider going culturally global with our dress by Toulani.  Any of these options will make you look as if you just stepped out of a NYC apartment as opposed to a four-hour car ride!


Destination Wedding Drive

If this gives you angst we’ve got you covered.  Simple elegance is the way to go to keep you worry- and wrinkled-free.  Our beautiful blue dress by CP Shades is spun in a way that feels light as air and incredibly soft. In another shade of blue, this dress by BCBG is a forgiving knit that will move and shift as you dance the night away.  Both dresses can be accessorized to your desire and pair well with flats or heels. Simple elegance indeed, and you will look fantastic traveling down the highway singing Thunder Road at the top of your lungs!  Enjoy!