The dog days of August are upon us.  Tour buses are parked three deep at the Smithsonian museums and the Pentagon City Mall food court is swarmed with tourists fresh off of deluxe motor coaches. Yet there is less local traffic and you can miraculously grab a table at the hottest restaurants in the city.  As we welcome tourists to our hometown, many of us leave and become tourists ourselves, commencing vacations both near and far.

Good news!  This does not mean we have to look like the tourists swarming the museums and food courts. Ban oversized t-shirts emblazoned with slogans!  Ban baseball caps!  Ban thick-soled, orthotic athletic shoes that make your feet sweat!  Our customer Meg just took a trip to Japan and rocked her look and every Kiskadee outfit she packed.  She has made my job easy…let’s look to Meg on how NOT to dress like a tourist.

One dress = multiple looks.

Meg took along this cool and comfy linen dress from CP Shades.  It looks terrific on its own but Meg paired it superbly with her own accessories.  A chunky necklace, cross body bag, and sandals were worn to sightsee during the day.  Flip side to date night and she delivered an edgy look.  She let her hair down, added a wide, black belt, then slipped on some booties and hit the city streets.

Don’t look too done.

Why bother with hair?  Meg’s tousled look completely complements this yellow, floral, Laundry dress by Shelli Segal. It highlights her natural beauty in the stunning Japan countryside.  If you are pressed for time or in excessive heat you can’t go wrong sporting a classic ponytail or bun.  Meg’s Hutch tunic dress is extremely lightweight and non-binding for the hottest days. Notice her hat?  Don’t leave home without it!

Why be ordinary?


Meg packed light-weight, wrinkle-resistant clothing that travel well.  Her focus on footwear varied from sandals to booties, completely changing her look but always focusing on comfort.  Packing this structured sundress by Hutch completely broke the travel mode.  Meg looks cool, comfortable, confident, stylish, and chic, all the while traipsing throughout Japan.

Not one oversized t-shirt, ball cap, or athletic trainer involved! As you explore on your vacation explore your…fashion! You may be surprised at what is revealed!