We all need to spoil ourselves!  Life, as beautiful as it is, can get in the way and there are times we need to step back, relax, reassess, and re-emerge as the impressive goddesses we all are.  I’ve kept my list to a minimum so you can start spoiling yourself right away!

1)  Retail Therapy

You know you want it.  You know you would wear it.  Buy it because you are spoiling yourself! This Nicole Miller Atelier top is stunning.  The pleated, high-neckline top ends in a beautifully detailed peplum that will pair perfectly with jeans for your night out with the girls, or pair it with a pencil skirt and a blazer that is perfect for the boardroom.

2)  More Retail Therapy

You have been eyeing that jewelry.  It would go with everything and more.  Make that investment in yourself and your wardrobe!  ADMK jewelry is handcrafted and only uses the finest semiprecious gemstones.  This necklace, ring, and earrings are made with Labradorite…a stone that glistens, gleams, and reflects multiple colors.

3)  And More Retail Therapy…just kidding!

Relax after your shopping extravaganza.  Take it from Bellacara and their products from Fresh: the Sake soak, Brown Sugar Scrub, and Grapefruit Body Lotion will leave you feeling supremely pampered, relaxed, and ultimately refreshed.

How do you spoil yourself?  I’d love to open up the debate.  Don’t be shy…do share so we can all try!  Is it a nap, binge watching, foot massage?  Feel free to leave your comments for all Stylebook readers to enjoy!