No, this post is neither about the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, nor the sequel that’s in the works — this is Stylebook!  Rather, it’s about one of the biggest, and I would argue most wearable, trends of this past year that’s continuing strong into Fall/Winter 2016: the lace-up.

There is no way you could have missed this one. From tunics and denim chambray shirts to dresses that range from demure to daring, this trend has permeated women’s collections. Stylebook boutiques continue to carry numerous lace-up pieces from favorite designers such as BCBG, Frame Denim, and LACAUSA. Did you know, though, that when this trend began several years ago it began on the feet? Kiskadee is excited to begin carrying Schutz Shoes, one of the brands that helped kick start the lace-up trend in footwear!

The Brazilian brand is owned by Alexandre Birman, who was raised in a shoe family and designed his first shoe at the ripe old age of 12. Using silhouettes from his eponymous couture shoe line as inspiration, Schutz incorporates lace-ups into of-the-moment looks that aren’t the cost of a mortgage payment and could be worn in a variety of ways. One of the darling brands of fashion bloggers and influencers, Schutz also found a following among women who love sophisticated design, quality, and comfort at a moderate price point.

Kiskadee has three amazing Schutz styles in store that are fashion-forward but also very wearable.  They are perfect for the “now and later” approach to transition dressing, too, as these styles will look just as good with a summer floral as they will with distressed jeans and an oversize comfy sweater when the temperatures cool.

The Darby

I think the name says it all on this one, and it’s no surprise that this is Schutz’s best-selling shoe! The reasonable three-inch block heel and padded foot bed makes the shoe so comfortable. Textured calf hair, studs, and leather lace-up detailing give it a definite edge and very modern feel. I own these, and they are as versatile as they are comfortable. Check our recent Summertime Blues post to see The Darby worn with summer staples. 

The Gracy

The rich chocolate hue of the Gracy, referred to as Hot Coffee by Schutz, is simply sublime. Still a block heel, it’s considerably higher at 4.5 inches, and the lines are a significantly more defined. The lace-up in the front adds some daintiness and gives a feminine twist to an otherwise powerful shoe. This would look terrific with everything from fall’s crop baby boot-cut jeans to a clean-lined sheath dress.

The Bibian

I’m not sure that a better mix of wearable and trendy exists in the form of a shoe. The rich black color, the supple suede material and the wearable 2-inch wedge heel juxtapose nicely against a sexy high vamp that leads to a pointy toe on one end and on the other ties multiple times around the ankle.  The Bibian could be worn easily with everything from skinny jeans, to an A-line dress, to wide crop pants. 

With more than 80 stores in Brazil, Schutz currently has just two brick-and-mortar locations in the U.S., Beverly Hills and Manhattan. I’ve been to the Schutz Beverly Hills store and it was a lovely shopping experience.  Streamlined and minimal in mostly white, the store certainly shows off the sizeable collection of everything from summer espadrilles and slip-ons to stiletto lace-ups. The sales associates are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, too.  If you happen to be shopping in Beverly Hills or New York City I recommend stopping in…but be forewarned that it will be nearly impossible to walk out empty handed!

Tips for Wearing Lace-Ups Comfortably, Courtesy of Darby

1) Loosen the laces beginning from the top of the shoe first, the part closest to your toes. Then, work your way down your foot towards the ankle. This will expand the laces and allow you to insert and remove your foot from the shoe relatively easily.

2) Stand up first and then tighten and tie the lace-ups. This allows you to get your foot set so that you can properly and comfortably adjust the laces. If you try to do this while sitting down once you stand up the placement of your foot and snugness of the laces may not be just right.

3) Wrap the lace-ups around your ankle, or slightly further up your leg, however it feels most comfortable for you. I tend to wear mine wrapped around my ankle several times, but if you feel more comfortable wrapping a bit further up your leg, do it! There is no right or wrong way to wrap or tie!