Let’s face it, we all love a good deal…including us boutique owners! Women seem to have an insatiable appetite for sales and we have the canny ability to easily sniff out good bargains. There is always added excitement and a buzz in the air when we plan a sale. At this time of year the summer sales hit with fervor so room can be made for incoming transitional clothing and fall styles. Oh sales…how much do we love thee, let us count the ways!

1) Savings

“Duh” as my daughter would say! The sale mentality is all about how much you save, not spend. In other words you might spend $1000, but it’s all about that $500 you saved!

2) Bargains

Since we love a good bargain, a sale is a great time to get the tops, shirts, dresses, skirts, and shoes that you have been coveting for the longest time and now they are at a discounted price! High quality clothing such as our Nicole Miller dresses will be less expensive yet current, in the moment, and on trend.

3) Empty closet

Do you ever look in your closet and say, “I don’t have anything to wear”? You are in good company! A sale is the perfect time to purge the old and introduce new. And that is exactly what stores are doing except they are making room for the next season’s clothes. You benefit by purchasing what is currently in season and buy fantastic clothing you can wear NOW! Flirty summer dresses, dressy shorts, boho tops and…abracadabra…your friends will have closet envy!

4) Justification

In a dream life, maybe we would all be shopaholics with an unlimited budget…at sales we can pretend just a tad. Sales give us justification for buying on impulse. With a sale, we don’t need a valid reason to buy, we just buy because we feel like it, we like it, and bonus…we are saving money! Shopping can be a stress releaser and sales provide a legitimate reason to get the clothes and accessories we want…even if we don’t really need it! And who knows, those shoes may come in handy as a birthday gift or Christmas gift. And therein lies another justification…always be prepared!

5) It’s a girl thing.

Shopping sales with your besties is a must. They will tell you if your butt looks fat, if your boobs look great, and “for that price, you can’t pass it up!” Shop our sale, stroll The Avenue for lunch or dinner, add a few drinks, and you will have had a day filled with laughter, great food, good friends, and great buys!