It‘s hot outside. It‘s humid outside.  You stand amongst others on a crowded Metro platform longing for fresh air and a break from the heat.  You arrive at the office, push through the revolving door, and WHAM! You are hit with a blast of cold, arctic air. It can be very confusing how to dress appropriately for such bipolar conditions.

Layering is essential!  Air conditioning can put a chill on anybody.  It may be 100 degrees outside but I bet you have a space heater under your desk to combat Mr. Cold Miser’s frosty air!  This beautiful, crystal white sweater by Chan Luu is an office essential. The sheer swing back is breezy and the stunning embroidery adds a dimension not seen on your typical cotton sweater.  Elegant and sophisticated, this is not the sweater you leave on your office chair after work…professional use only!

Summer dressing means shorter hemlines.  A general rule of thumb…if you would wear it to the beach it is not appropriate for the office!  The consensus is no more than a couple of inches above the knee. Mini-skirts, booty shorts, clingy fabrics are giant no-no’s.  This blue dress by Amy Matto is perfect!  Slightly above the knee, this hemline is just right for any business environment.  Pockets and a waist tie complete a fantastic polished look!

Embrace the season, wear white, and be whimsical!  This can even come in the form of a fail-proof summertime staple…the sheath dress.  Our sheath dress is a textured beauty.  White tulle is the background for cheerful black and white embroidered daises.  The scalloped hemline falls just above the knee and adds an exciting element to the design.  The dress brings a bit of sunshine to any office setting!

Have you noticed a theme yet?  Ditch the stuffy suits!  If your office is a bit more formal, matching separates is the way to go.  This great new trend can be a major benefit to your wallet as well. Wear each piece together or pair each piece with something you already have in your closet.  You will instantly have several new outfits in your wardrobe.  Try our A-line tank and asymmetrical skirt by Three Dots. It has a terrific tribal pattern and is sure to look fresh look all summer long.