Embrace the wrinkles! Love it or hate it, the summer fashion forecast calls for linen. It is a casually elegant style that can….well…leave you a little rumpled. However, the fashion industry has set its sights on texture and embracing life’s little imperfections. Linen is on trend and belongs front and center this summer!

Fashion is very fluid and currently we like not feeling “done.” Summer in particular is a season where we want to be comfortable and not wear anything constricting or fussy. Linen with its natural fibers and imperfections brings lightness to clothing and may seem to be a breath of fresh air to those who have not worn this fabric.

This white tunic is a perfect example of a traditional, linen shift that is causally elegant and comfortably cool. And as we know any color goes with white! Add a colorful tote and accessories for festive flair as you run around town or the Del Ray Farmers Market.

With linen there is no escaping some wrinkles. However, we have found linens that are mixed with other material including cotton. It can make the material a bit more structured yet doesn’t compromise the great texture linen possesses and imparts in current trends. These two outfits are excellent examples of mixed cotton/linen fabrics turned into fabulous frocks. The color and pattern of each outfit disguises linen’s trademark wrinkles. These outfits say I’m relaxed, off duty, and ready to play!

Another way to balance linen’s wrinkles is to not wear the fabric from head to toe. This cropped top with its mixed linen fabric shines with a blue and cream chevron print and a fringed hemline. Pair it with smooth white jeans to balance out the printed top’s texture. It shows crisp, fresh, and fashion forward!

For those who want a more polished look while wearing linen choose the combo fibers. You can get a modern, luxe look for work when linen is mixed with silk, viscose, or wool. This vest dress in a fab neutral color imparts a distinctive textural character. It will pair well with virtually any color and accessory such as this tiered, beaded necklace.

Last but not least, if you invest in linen for work I recommend purchasing a steamer for use on your professional clothing. You won’t regret it…it can be used for ALL of your clothing, work or otherwise!