People come into Kiskadee with a plethora of questions – which we LOVE!  We hear anything from “I need outfits for my upcoming trip to fill-in-the-blank” to “What jewelry and shoes should I pair with this dress?”  It is so fulfilling to work somewhere that customers trust our opinions and I get to help women decide when to stay within their comfort zones and when to break free.  I wanted to share some of the most frequent questions we hear, and how we answer them!

Q:  What’s a simple way to make any outfit look new?

A:  One of my favorite trends is a long statement necklace.  A Whitley V necklace will put the cherry on the top of your amazing party dress, or add the perfect amount of funk to a casual outfit!

Q: What is something worth splurging on?

A:  Hands down a fabulous cocktail dress!  This Nicole Miller dress perfectly hugs in all the right places, while disguising where you want to cover up most.  You just never know when a great event is going to show up on your calendar!
Q:  What is something I should replace each spring or summer?

A:  Freshen up your white jeans each spring or summer to ensure a crisp look in the coming months.  Save your old pair(s) for running around on the weekends!
Q:  What is one must-have item for everyone’s closet?


A:  I have to admit, this is a hard one.  So many things came to mind – skinny jeans, a perfect white shirt, a throw-and-go dress, I could go on and on.  After much contemplation, Tees by Tina win the must-have prize.  They are great for layering year round (the fabric is moisture wicking!), and pair perfectly with a sheer tunic or jeans and a sweater.