We hear it sometimes…“I love your store but I’m too old/young/tall/short/big/petite to wear your clothes.”  A few weekends ago my family got together in Hilton Head for a fun trip away from our hectic lives. The women of the family asked me to bring along some items from Kiskadee for them to try on.  Seeing that the women in attendance would be my sisters-in-law, who are 5’9”, 5’10”, and 6’0” (and me at 5’2”), I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to show you how most any height can dress at Kiskadee!

Now, let me start with a disclaimer:  Different things work on different people.  As boutique owners that recognize this, Neil and I go to market with all of you in mind and shop many shapes, styles, and silhouettes that will work on various body types.  With that being said, in a store like Kiskadee, with so many different pieces and just a few of each style (so you do not walk around Alexandria seeing everyone else in the same outfit as you!), sometimes you can come into the store and find five things, and sometimes you will come in and leave empty handed.  And that is ok.

This picture is just too funny!  I am standing on a step, in a small heel, and just barely taller than Canby.  We paired the Finley Monica Blue top with white jeans to emphasize Canby’s long legs.  I went with the BCBG Elsie top with skinny jeans and the Very Volatile heel, blending the shoe in with my pant to elongate my leg.

Seriously, how darling is my family?!  We love the fun and flirty look of the off-the-shoulder trend seen here on Lindsay (far left).  For my sister-in-law Libby at 6’0” (third from left), we took this BCBG dress, which otherwise would be just too short, and turned it into a tunic paired with white jeans for a completely different look! Louise is wearing my dream top (remember my post on toning my arms to show off this Joie top?). Well Louise looks stunning and ready for summer. She is wearing flowy linen pants by M by Marcus.

No matter if you are short or tall, slim or curvy, Kiskadee has something that is perfect for you. You are sure to leave our store feeling beautiful!

Stay tuned…in a few weeks I will talk about age, and you do not want to miss my 97-year-old grandmother adorned in Kiskadee!