You have a great art opening on your calendar (cough, cough… Del Ray Artisan’s “March Melee” opens tomorrow night).  Your girlfriends are on board and you have a babysitter booked.  You look through your closet and see numerous outfits perfect for dinner or brunch with friends, but as you peruse you start to feel as if you have nothing to wear to an occasion such as this.

Art openings can be tricky to dress for – go too plain and you will blend into the crowd, but if you go too outrageous, people may think you ARE the art.  How do you find that perfect balance between trendy yet refined, making a statement without upstaging the art?

1) Nicole Miller Gaucho Set

When in doubt, choose classic with a twist.  Enter: An all-black two-piece gaucho set with stunning jewelry.  This Nicole Miller ensemble is super flattering with culottes and a defined waistline, and will leave everyone staring – in a good way!

2) M Watercolor Top

This watercolor blouse is the perfect blend between showing your own artistic flair without looking too much like the art at the show.  We love the one-of-a-kind look the watercolor gives, but the neutral gray and white tones it down.  Pair it with dark jeans and heeled booties for a complete and hip look.

3) Tolani Tye-Dye Dress

Make a statement with this incredible tunic dress.  Tolani crafts each piece to, well, look like a piece of art!  They use bright colors and intricate patterns making every article of clothing a showstopper, and I particularly love the embroidery detail around the neck, sleeves, and hemline.

Dressing for an art gallery can be tough, but also exciting!  It allows you to wear something you may not normally wear and gets your creative juices flowing – and a side benefit, gives you an excuse to buy a new outfit!  Will you be attending “March Melee” this month?  If so, what will you be wearing?