A few weeks ago, the Kiskadee staff was chatting about what it would be like to be young again (for some of us!), things we would do over, and advice we give our kids. It got us thinking, if one day the DeLorean drove up Mt. Vernon Avenue, we hopped in, and went back in time 15 years to meet our younger selves, what advice would we give?


Shop all of these pieces at Kiskadee, from top:

Danielle is wearing our Gladiola dress by Mestiza.
Susan is wearing the Amaya Leslie tunic.
Kathy is wearing the Amaya Kimberly dress.
Sarah is wearing our Nicole Miller Atlantic Printed dress.
I’m wearing a Finley Rocky dress.
Tracy is wearing a luxurious Roberta Roller Rabbit cashmere poncho.

Whether it was a poor fashion mistake or a serious life lesson, we all have something that we have learned. Please leave a comment below and tell us what advice you would give your younger self!