Have you ever been packing for a vacation, set everything out perfectly on your bed, start putting all said items in your suitcase only to realize, yeah, it is not going to happen?  Have you ever gotten to your vacation destination and realized that the one dress you decided not to pack was exactly what you wanted to wear that day?  If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these, we have you covered.


If you are heading out on vacation this spring or summer to a location with temperatures that vary throughout your trip or even day to night (like California!), this Three Dot two-piece set can be easily split up for the variance you may experience.  Get extra use out of it by wearing the fun jacket with slacks for work when you get back, or the shorts and a white t-shirt for your kid’s summer sporting event.


What says vacation better than linen pants?  Get the most out of this vacation staple by wearing it for lunch one day and dinner the next.  These come in white, taupe, and black, and we love the versatility and chic look of the taupe shown here.


This Roberta Roller Rabbit scarf dress has been a favorite of the Kiskadee staff since it arrived. Pair it with wedges and a cute clutch for an evening out (maybe even dancing!). Then use it as the beach cover-up the rest of the trip.  It really is comfort and style all in one.

This Three Dot caftan is the epitome of utility. Wear it the first night you arrive out to dinner for an easy and comfortable look, then use it the rest of the trip as your beach cover-up.  Surely by now you are feeling comfortable working the same piece into multiple uses for vacation.  Challenge yourself to use this one in a third way!  Wear it on the plane as a tunic with leggings and a long-sleeve Wilt top to keep you layered and warm, but still able to remove layers should the pilot not turn the air conditioning on.