As you may recall from my spring Sneak Peek post, I love staying ahead of the trends. In an attempt to impart this affinity and knowledge to all of you, I am starting a new series called “Trend to Try” to share current and upcoming trends, why we love them, and how to pull them off for various occasions.

This week we are throwing it back to the 1970s with the tassel necklace trend. We saw these all over market last month, and just recently received a big order at Kiskadee.

Why We Love Them
These one-size-fits-all necklaces are “in” right now because of the elongating effect they have with any outfit. Unlike other long necklaces, the tassel on the end draws the eye vertically, slimming your look. They are fabulous for any age, shape, or size.

How to Pull It Off
If you are trying to add glamour to jeans and a t-shirt, or give a bohemian touch to your little black dress, these necklaces are the answer. Below are three outfits that showcase just how versatile these trendy necklaces are.

1) Super Casual

Jeans and a tee is the best casual outfit, but sometimes you just need a little pizzazz to top it off. Layer two necklaces to achieve this look. They are at the perfect price point so you will not regret buying them both!

2) Work

Show off your style during your eight-to-five by pairing dress pants and a blazer with a simple tassel. This necklace adds instant panache to any work outfit, which – dare I say it – can sometimes be dull.

3) A Night Out

Every time I get together with my girlfriends we always check out the styles and accessories each other is wearing. Someone will have a new pair of shoes, another an amazing handbag. Why not be coveted by all with your fantastic new necklace!