It is FREEZING outside! As I write this it happens to be THE coldest day of 2016…a 12 degree wind chill factor!  However, the Mid-Atlantic region can be a bit bi-polar in weather. As we are well aware, 12 degrees today can lead to 50 degrees a few days later, so there is always the dilemma of how to keep ahead of Mother Nature.  Luckily, there is no need purchase a utilitarian and puffy coat like the Michelin Tire Man. Kiskadee has are many stylish coats that are a perfect match for all of our climate variables.

Masculine Coat

Masculine coats have been around for quite a while (think of the original sailor inspired pea coat) but this coat by Vera Wang adds a twist with its boxy shape and faux leather sleeves.  Plus, the leather trim at the collar adds a modern and edgy flair to an otherwise traditional and classic style.  The coat has hidden buttons and deep pockets to keep you warm.

Multi-textured Coa

No wardrobe is complete without the addition of a beautiful, black, mixed-media coat.  This elegant coat has it all: a detachable faux fur collar, a wool-blend bodice trimmed in velvet, with the remainder of the coat in a mock hound’s-tooth of tulle.  This elegant coat can be used for the most special of occasions and is sure to make an impression at any venue.

Reversible Coat

You can’t go wrong with a coat that reverses from cozy faux fur to a raincoat! This chic coat will protect you from snow then, as the temps rise and snow turns to rain, slip the coat in reverse!  It can be worn to work and just as easily to a cocktail party.  It is classy AND incredibly useful!

And our favorite…Coatology

I cannot extoll the virtues of our Coatology vest enough.  It is the perfect three-season outerwear.  Instead of wearing a heavy coat while shopping, wear a Coatology vest and avoid overheating!  However, if you need an extra layer for outdoors, slip the vest on underneath your winter coat for a boost in warmth. It is filled with premium down to help regulate your temperature and its CYA (cover your ass…ets) length protects your bum and thighs from the elements.  It is one of our best sellers and much loved by staff and customers alike!

Is it spring yet…?