Fashion is very personal and sometimes, it can be in the eye of the beholder.  However, some trends can go from stylish to trashy if you don’t avoid some common mistakes many of us make.  These guidelines will help you navigate and avoid any future style errors!

1)  Wearing Clothes That Are Too Baggy

We all perceived body imperfections we want to hide.  However, wearing clothing that is too large or baggy will actually make you look bigger!  Properly fitted clothing, in various fabrics, will accentuate the positive…forget about the negative!  These loose fitting (not too loose!) boyfriend jeans will disguise any lumps or bumps.   Top it with a boxy sweater that falls at the waist and you have the perfect proportions for a chic outfit!

2) Under-Accessorizing

What makes an outfit go BAM? Accessories! Many women fear they will over-accessorize or it is just simply too complicated.  However, simply add a necklace or a statement pair of shoes and voila!  You are accessorized…it is that easy!

3) Not Wearing the Proper Bra

Together with Bra Lady Pam we have preached how a proper fitting bra can make or break an outfit…this picture says it all ladies!

4) Pairing Distressed Denim Frumpy Pieces

Don’t wear your distressed denim with your college sweatshirt…no need to look sloppy!  Pair it with a stunning silk blouse, like this beauty from Joie, and top it with an on-trend bomber jacket for a more polished look.

But remember: style guidelines are just that…guidelines!  Make your own and please share those with us!