I have such fond memories of wearing my button fly 501 Levi’s in the 70’s and early 80’s.  I’d have to buy them two sizes too big because, being 100% cotton, they really shrunk!  Plus, they were super stiff when purchased.  But, wash after wash, they faded, became super soft, and eventually developed their own holes at the knees…yes, distressed jeans done naturally!  They also had their own version of “stretch.”  After they were washed, I’d have to lay down flat on my bed so I could shimmy the then tight jeans over my bum.  Then I would do walking lunges to stretch out the jeans to a comfortable fit.  So much work!  Denim has come a long way baby!

Boyfriend Jeans

If you are used to your beloved skinnies, boyfriend jeans may seem tricky to style especially if you are going for a polished look.  However, the roomy fit is why you will turn to them again and again!  Our Kut for the Kloth boyfriend jeans can equally pull off a retro bohemian trend or color-adverse minimalism.  Key accessories, the perfect proportion on top, and the right shoes to elongate your legs will deliver a fashionable and stylish outfit.  As an added bonus, Kut for the Kloth won’t break your bank.  Baggy ain’t so bad after all!

Classic Skinnies

There is no going back!  Skinnies are here to stay.  And why shouldn’t they?  They are EXTREMELY versatile!  Very Audrey Hepburn-esque when ankle skimming hems are paired with flats.  High heels, depending on your go to look, go equally well with long, ankle, or cropped hems, and all hemlines match perfectly with booties!  Long and lean, they are the only jeans that can be tucked into over-the-knee boots for on-trend street style.  No jean line does this better than Paige, the model all denim brands hope to emulate.

Bootcut Jeans

Where would we be without our bootcut jeans!  And bootcut is a myth…many of us wear them with our high heels!  Plus, they are universally flattering to all body types.  Depending on the wash, they can be dressed up for a night on the town, or worn with Nike trainers to the Diamond Club at a National’s game.  Our Hudson jeans, with the best pockets around, will satisfy your sophisticated self and your casual self while remaining unique and individualistic in all facets of your fashionable life.

High Rise Jeans

Kiskadee’s high rise jeans aren’t too high…they are just right! Please don’t call them mom jeans! High rise jeans won’t give you a muffin top or plumber’s crack and they hide belly bulges and front flab.  Plus, they keep shirts properly tucked-in, which we have all struggled with since the arrival of low-rise jeans!  With all these positives, it is easy to see why high rise jeans are trending to the top.  They go perfectly with slim button down blouses or clean and crisp cropped tops.  We have two versions in Kiskadee: Kut for the Kloth high rise boyfriend jeans and high rise Paige skinny jeans.  Both will be a perfect addition to your closet and contain multiple styling options for the fashionista in all of us.

All styles, all fits, from trendy to traditional, our styles will match every occasion, event, journey, and destination!