I admit it.  I have purchased plenty of clothing at big box stores and discount clothing stores.  I have used them to purchase school and play clothes for my children when they were little…absolutely no reason to purchase expensive clothes when they grow out of them so quickly!  As an adult, I have done the same thing for myself.  Let’s face it, many of these stores have cute clothing. I spy a t-shirt that is only $18…it is so inexpensive there is no need to try it on. I bring it home.  It doesn’t fit.  I don’t return it.  All of a sudden I have plenty of $18 t-shirts I have never worn.  This is called “throw-away clothing” and the cost adds up!

At Kiskadee we focus on quality and timelessness.  Truthfully, throwaway clothes aren’t cheap in the long run.  Massed-produced apparel has a “one-size-fits-all mentality” so the fit is horrible. Poorly made attire with thin material wears out faster.  If time equals money, then you are burning both by constantly replacing cheaply made clothing.  Being frugal doesn’t just mean saving money, it means spending your money wisely.

We like to think of clothing as an investment.  When clothing is more expensive one tends to pause and think, “Do I really want this?”  You devote real thought and consideration into the fit and fabric.  The purchase means more to you, and is not frivolous.  In other words, it was a good purchase and one you will wear for many years to come. Kiskadee clothing is timeless and we thought we would share some of our go-to favorites!