We are a football-crazy nation.  We marvel at the brute strength possessed by the offensive and defensive lineman as they battle mano a mano, and we are mesmerized at the grace of wide receivers who leap into the air, catch a ball thrown like a bullet, and land with the elegance and athleticism of a ballet dancer. Whether you are a fan of professional football, college ball, or a parent watching from the bleachers at a high school game, dressing can be tricky as the sun goes down and a chill fills the air.  But you can dress appropriately for the weather – and be stylish – as you navigate the changing seasons and cheer your team to victory.

Early fall can be quite toasty!  Sitting under an intense sun on a hard stadium seat sounds unpleasant until your team scores and heat dissipates as your mind turns to winning the game!  A simple, chic linen dress is the answer on a sunny day.  It is cool, breathable, wicks away sweat and the long sleeves provide sun protection.  Pair it with textured sandals and a simple gold choker for an on-trend ensemble.

As the sun dips behind the stadium you wish you had that extra layer.  This supremely comfy Lilla P tee shirt paired with black boyfriend jeans will allow you to participate in the stadium “wave” like a pro!  Add the beautiful scarf with multiple hues of deep blues and greens and you will have the extra layer needed to stay warm as you chant “D-Fense” until the bitter end.

A sweater vest is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe and perfect for football season. The simple white tee and blue jeans is a classic staple.  Add the fringed sweater vest in a gorgeous merlot color for a unique layering piece sure to bring you compliments in the stadium and around town!