Purple is such a rich, vibrant color. Regal and sophisticated.  It is associated with creativity, spirituality, and intuition. It varies in shades from lavender to magenta, eggplant to violet. However…it is one of those colors people either love or hate! Purple is the darling of designers and stylists alike because it adds a blast of color to any outfit. Believe it, you can mix this imperial color with metallics, jewel tones, camel, whites, animal prints…the list goes on and on.  Make purple your statement color of the season!

It Takes Guts

For some, purple can seem an intimidating color…it can be one of the more difficult colors to wear, even more so than yellow!  Confidence is key to wearing this brilliant color.  This classic wrap dress exudes power, certainty, coolness, and conviction.  And the fabric?  Like butter. Whether you are the Chairman of the Board of a Fortune 500 Company or CFO of your home and family, this dress will be a strong addition to any wardrobe.

It’s Sexy

As mentioned, it takes a certain amount of confidence to wear a fabulous purple frock.  Confidence lends its own sex appeal to everyone. But mixing purple with pink is on a different level itself! According to Wikipedia, “When combined with pink it is associated with eroticism, femininity, and seduction.”  Whoa!  It is all rockin’ in this dress by Julie Brown.  It is a textural, multi-colored sheath that exudes excitement, enthusiasm, exhilaration, and just plain fun!

It’s Funky

This Picasso like print is a geometric masterpiece.  It combines an eggplant shade of purple with burgundy, red, white, and orange to make the irregular cube design pop like a 3-D picture.  The ultra-modern look with transfer well into the office or lunch date with your friends all the while exuding a coolness only the color purple can convey!

It’s Simply Lovely

Violet is technically not a purple, it has its own spectral color on the visible spectrum of light, but it falls somewhere between purple and blue. It pairs beautifully with any neutrals, black, white, and nudes.  Here it is immersed among the intricate metallic threads of a beautiful brocade dress.  This dress will make a grand entrance at a special evening out with your other half or a cocktail party with friends.  It will become your go-to dress for all exceptional occasions!

The key is confidence when finding which shade of purple is right for you.  And don’t be bound by silly fashion rules (see our post “Are you a Fashion Rebel?”).  If you want to mix purple with red or turquoise or lime green, make that statement and see who follows your trend!