Fall fashions are my favorite.  Every September I look forward to purchasing the massive Vogue, a 10-pound tome dedicated to showing all the fabulous upcoming fashion trends.  And no, I don’t buy it for the articles! I LOVE all the designer ads, which we know is about 75-80 percent of Vogue’s fall issue.  And of course I pour over each photo layout and focus on the beauty of the fabric, intricate workmanship, and incredible designs shown this season.

As Kiskadee’s fall fashions arrive, my staff and I “oooh” and “ahhh” over each piece.  We try them on, we covet them, and we each find our own perfect style.  Please enjoy our staff’s favorite transitional pieces…all available at Kiskadee!


“I love this top with the small, feminine ruffle detail! Our falls are so warm, sleeveless is perfect! And the taupe color will easily transition from your white jeans to denim (remember: white jeans are NOT just for summer anymore). When it gets a bit cooler, I look forward to throwing a cozy sweater over this outfit and I’ll be ready to go!!”


“The faux suede gray shorts are amazingly comfortable. I’m ready to transition to fall colors and this pairing allows me too…even though our temperatures are not cooperating!”


“This gray, sleeveless turtleneck is SO me!  Slim and long enough to cover my bum, it is perfect over my white jeans.  The small leather buckle at the sides is a nice detail and I look forward to wearing it with a black leather bomber jacket as the weather cools down.”


“I LOVE Tolani! Beautiful colors, design, and the fabric just flows with me — so young and carefree — but I really should mention the pockets…oh, how I love the pockets!”