Fall Preview: 525 America by Celeste Crutchfield | 07.23.18

Fall clothing hit the department stores full throttle this month. Bright colors are disappearing, replaced with muted neutrals and shades of autumn. Kiskadee currently has fabulous clothes that will take you through the hottest month of the year and into the dog days of August. Transitional clothing is adorning our racks. And, dare I say, some of us are dreaming of cooler climes…and sweater weather!

525 America is a line of knits that has become a customer fave. The sweaters are high quality at a fabulous price point. This Brooklyn-based company makes classic and cutting edge sweaters in cotton, chenille, and cashmere.

525 America_sweater_black.jpg

The transitional, lightweight sweaters have an enormous amount of detail. That includes sequined star patches…

525 America_sweater_stars.jpg

…and floral sequins on a light-weight, French terry cotton blend.

525 America_sweater_flowers.jpg

If floral vibes are not your thing, 525 America delivers a modern edge in cotton shaker knit detailed with ties and metal grommets.

525 America_sweater_grommets.jpg

Fall will come…be prepared!

My Disney Cruise Style by Celeste Crutchfield | 07.20.18

Don’t laugh. All of the people (adults!) who have taken a Disney Cruise LOVE IT! Why? The kids are occupied and entertained 24/7 and the adults head to the spa! Plus, there is adult-only dining and excursions such as touring and tasting Bacardi Rum in Puerto Rico. And really I can’t help but smile every time I see a Disney character strolling the deck.

I keep packing minimal, and to necessities and my favorites. Here are my picks for the floating Happiest Place on the Earth!


Cool dress for our Jamaican excursion


Perfect pool attire


Private dinner with my hubby!

Private dinner with my hubby!

Kiskadee’s European Vacation: Packing for Portugal by Allison Taylor | 07.16.18

Chuck the image of the Griswold’s vacation…you are in for a treat! So many of our customers are heading overseas this summer…to France, Italy, Ireland, and, recently, Croatia! There is no glamping involved but wonderful trips that include fine wine, gourmet food, sophisticated sightseeing, and, of course, relaxation. Since I’m having a staycation this summer, it is wonderful to hear about the beauty and the terrific tales and each country visited.

Recently one of our beloved employees headed to Portugal for a bit of a respite. It is a colorful, vibrant, and incredibly beautiful country and she kept all that in mind as she carefully picked her outfits.


Wine Country

europeanvacay_green dress.jpg

While they may not be as well known as French and Italian wines, Portuguese wines have a dedicated following of connoisseurs. Delicious wines abound from luxurious wineries throughout the country. Go chic yet tribal in this casual dress as you sip throughout Portugal’s wine country. Click here to learn more about Portugal’s wine region.


Beach Babe


A trip to Portugal is not complete without a visit to one of its gorgeous, sandy beaches! This cold-shoulder beauty can double as a day dress or beach cover up. The luscious colors evoke the ocean and lovely sunsets while the tassels add an extra pop. Be on trend as you travel Portugal’s coastline. Plan your trip to Portugal’s beaches here.


Date Night


Glam it ups for your significant other by slipping on this sexy romper. It can be used in the evening as well as the day, simply change your shoes and jewelry to match the occasion. There is plenty of romance in Portugal; check it out!

Why We Love Elie Tahari: Unique & Chic by Celeste Crutchfield | 07.11.18

Kiskadee is well loved not only for its fun, festive, and on-trend clothing and shoes, but also for accommodating the pocketbook of many. We are well known, and appreciated, for having varying price points in the shop. We have simple, gorgeous, quality clothing for less than $100, and fabulous frocks made of the finest fabric, sporting intricate details, costing hundreds of dollars.

Our pricier clothing we deem very special, as do our customers. Kiskadee recently started to provide unique and chic dresses by Elie Tahari. Our customers attending weddings, engagements, award ceremonies (this is Washington, D.C., after all!) and other special events have gravitated toward these elegant offerings. Many of these stunning creations can be worn multiple seasons to multiple occasions!


The “WOW” factor is shown throughout this stunner. Intricate details prevail into a symphony of beauty. The vibrant blue silk dress is veiled by a sheer black overlay with embroidered silk flowers. If that is not enough, delicate feathers swirl about the hem in a flirtatious and romantic addition.


Elie Tahari knows a woman can feel sexy and confident simply by the cut of a dress. This breezy style is flow-y in all the right places. Its flutter sleeves are dreamy and the flutter handkerchief hem has several layers that twirl lightly around a woman’s legs…perfect for dancing!


Sleek. Powerful. Boss. Need I say more? Elie Tahari knows women have many roles, including leading businesses.

Make the investment in pieces you love and Elie Tahari will become your go-to designer.

What We’re Wearing for the 4th of July by Celeste Crutchfield | 07.02.18

No matter where you spend the Fourth of July in the United States, it will surely include barbecue, picnics, games, parades, and, of course, fireworks! It is truly a time when we all come together to celebrate the ideas, beliefs, and freedoms of our nation. So pick your outfit and enjoy spending time with your friends, neighbors, and loved ones on the USA’s birthday!

staff favorites_July 4th_2018.png

How To Wear Peek-a-Boo Cutouts by Celeste Crutchfield | 06.28.18

Last week we learned how to cover bellies when wearing a cropped top. This week, why not take a risk and choose an outfit with peek-a-boo cutouts! Now I’m not talking about a mass of exposed skin, but a delicate revealing, strategically placed…just enough to keep it fun, chic, and sophisticated.

Be adventurous and reach for this trend, maybe not when you are heading to the office, but when you are heading to a summer party or to a new restaurant at D.C.’s Waterfront. The subtle peek-a-boo makes a perfect style statement.



IMG_7191 (1).jpg

From now to wow right?! This dress by Michael Stars possesses a soft, crinkle-like texture with different colored thread interspersed throughout. Just the pop it needs in addition to the tie and spicy cutout.


Oh La La!

peek-a-boo dress blk:wht.jpg

A bit body con and a sexy cutout gives this knit dress a va-va-voom effect! Its best kept secret? It is super comfortable!


Party in the Back

peek-a-boo dress blue'.jpg
peek-a-boo dress blue back.jpg

From the front, innocent, right? Surprise! The back of the dress sports a nicely shaped diamond that exposes just the right amount of your sexy back. They will watch you coming and going!

Make peek-a-boo fashion your new summer style!

On Trend: The Cropped Top (But Don’t Worry, No Belly Buttons!) by Allison Taylor | 06.19.18

“That top is too short!” “Oh, no. Crop tops are not coming back? Please tell me they are not coming back!”

Yes, these are actual customer comments.

I truly believe when a customer sees a cropped top, she has an immediate image of her belly button being the star of her outfit. It needn’t be! I am on a mission to change this thought process.

Cropped tops need not be midriff bearing; in fact, there is an easy technique that should become common knowledge. Given the multiple year fashion trend of long tops over leggings or skinny jeans (LOVE!), the return of cropped tops should be viewed as a fresh trend.

IMG_7124 (2).jpg

 You don’t need to be 5’10” like me to find cropped tops daunting. An easy fix: chose a top that is short yet longer on the crop top spectrum and pair it with a high-waisted bottom.

We have heard plenty about high-waisted jeans but don’t neglect the chic and sophisticated look of the stripped, split-legged pants in the first picture. Also do pair a cropped top with cropped pants….the wide legs of these linen pants put the outfit in perfect proportion.


The most important strategy of keeping your belly under wraps is to try on the outfit!  You must make sure the pant’s rise meets the bottom of your cropped top. Be aware that pants labeled “high-waisted” will each have a different rise so don’t assume they are uniform. Pick the best for you and your body type!

Summer Accessories at Kiskadee by Celeste Crutchfield | 06.04.18

Hot sun, bare feet, long weekends…ahhhhhh, summertime, when the living is easy! Taking stock of all your summer needs is a must but with graduations, weddings, and school ending all at once, time may not be on your side. Here is our list of must-have summer accessories.


Chic Sunglasses


I know. Duh. We all know we need to protect our peepers from the sun’s glare! Avoid the squint and look fantastically chic in these sunnies from BonnieClydeLA. These specs are chock full of details from metallic features, varying frame designs, and color aspects. Fashionable eye protection at its best!


Sun-Busting Hats


Hats not only protect our skin from the sun’s UVA rays but also make us look incredible chic! Stay away from ball caps and grab a wide-brimmed hat for a fun and sophisticated flare. Make more of a fashion statement by adding a colorful band or contrasting stitching around the crown of the hat.


Plush Blanket Towel


Towels aren’t just for the beach and pool! They are a necessity on the lawn at Wolf Trap, on the grass for a picnic, or at the playground for your babes. The large, round towel will provide enough sand coverage and seating for your loved one. The beautiful blue geometric design and thick, white fringe is reminiscent of the colors of Santorini and the Aegean Sea.


Whimsical Tote


How will you carry these summer necessities? In a fun tote of course! This super cute cactus tote comes in three different colors to match your style and personality. The smaller totes can be used for your wet bathing suits or to keep sand off of your summer romance novels or Kindles. And always keep a pair of flip flops in your tote for fun-in-the-sun emergencies.


Summer is short but the days are long. Get a strong start with your summer essentials!

Kiskadee Staff Picks for Summer by Celeste Crutchfield | 06.01.18

This Memorial Weekend has kicked off the summer season! Think refreshing, cool water, warm summer sun, and late cocktail hours (yes, plural!) with your friends. If you haven’t opened your patio and porch yet, don’t delay! Break out the blender and host all of your neighbors in a summer celebration. Kiskadee has every look you will need for the warm months ahead. Here are our faves…

staff favorites_beach_2018.png

Shorter or Taller, Maxis & Midis Can Fit Your Style by Celeste Crutchfield | 05.15.18

I’m starting to sound like my mother, “You never know until you try it on!” I heard that in my youth so many times as we bartered over “appropriate” clothing. As a boutique owner, I’m saying it several times a day.  Why? Because it is true! I guess mother really does know best!

One’s height is a constant source of dilemma when it comes to shopping. For tall women, hemlines can be too short on pants, dresses, and even tops. For shorter women, it’s obviously the opposite…but not all the time!  We petite gals can rock maxi and midi dresses, we simply need to try them on!


When shopping for a maxi, a petite woman benefits from looking for a dress that has a slight high/low hemline. This colorful beauty fits the bill. The height of the hemline is more noticeable on our tall model Maria, but much more subtle on me. Heel height on shoes is also an important consideration. I’m wearing wedges of a manageable height. No need to go crazy tall unless you want to!

maxi:midi 4.jpg

Even hemlines work, too! The hem of my dress falls a pinch or two above the ground…perfect! For Maria, the dress looks appropriately ankle length. However, your friends and significant others won’t notice the hemline. They will notice how beautiful you look in a gorgeous maxi with pinstripe detailing and a sexy, strap-y back.

maxi:midi 6.jpg
maxi:midi 5.jpg

A midi can fall short on a tall woman and too long on a shorter woman. But I repeat: you never know until you try it on! This throwback tie-dye dress is brimming with distinctive details from the wrap at the waist to the va-voom slit at the thigh. Note how both a petite and tall woman can wear flat sandals or heels and wedges.

Maxi:midi 7.jpg
maxi:midi 8.jpg

This feminine beauty has all the bells and whistles! Pom-poms, graphic design, and an optional gathered waist adorn this dress. It falls appropriately an inch or two below Maria’s knees, and swirls attractively around my calf.


Maxi and midi dresses are perfect to throw-on-and-go or wear to more special occasions, such as a summer garden party or cocktail soiree. They are so versatile…but you will never know unless you try them on!

Summer Party Season Heats Up! (pun intended ☺) by Celeste Crutchfield | 05.18.18

Looooove this time of year! I can walk out of my front door without the burden of a heavy coat…it feels as if I’m free! We have finally switched out our winter clothes (buh-bye freezing April!!) and taken stock of our spring/summer wardrobe. Basics: ✔ Work attire: ✔ But party attire? There are so many different party themes and venues in the summer there is basically an outfit for almost every occasion! Here’s what you need to be prepared.


Backyard BBQ


You could opt for the usual shorts or short sundress but a maxi fits the bill. This maxi, with its on-trend, peasant-inspired, shoulder-baring bodice, has a fluid skirt to keep you comfortable and cool. No detail was spared! Intricate and contrasting patterns are woven throughout the dress. And the tiered skirt and tassels? An extra, added bonus!


Rooftop Cocktail Party under the Stars


Make a statement in this gorgeous jumpsuit!  The fabric is a super-comfortable knit that lets your body naturally breathe in the warmer months. The smocked, elastic waistband falls flatteringly at mid-hip and allows for a soft drape of the bodice. And the back? Too sexy for words.


Summer Garden Party


We all have those super-creative friends who throw garden party-themed celebrations. Grab your prettiest dress, a fun pair of heels, and you are ready to go!

The advantage to updating your summer party wardrobe? The clothing can double for weddings!

Kiskadee Staff Style Resolutions by Celeste Crutchfield | 01.05.18

A New Year’s resolution is a rite of passage to many individuals. The beginning of 2018 will bring fresh hope for change or the continuation of one’s good fortune. Whether you make resolutions or not, try and keep it simple so your goal can be attained. An easy and fun resolution is to adopt a fashion trend you have wanted to incorporate into your wardrobe but have been too afraid to try. Start with one or two pieces you have admired, then build and see how your style and individual confidence grows! Kiskadee staff will do it with you!

Staff_favorites_2018 style resolutions.png

You Got the Great Outfit. Now What? by Celeste Crutchfield | 12.14.17

You have a party, and you have the outfit…but accessories have you stumped!  You are in good company. Why can’t you just stop after finding the outfit?  Well, it’s simply not finished, that’s why. You need the snap, crackle, pop of sparkle, shimmer, and shine!

Accessories add personality to any outfit. They allow you to make a personal statement by adding your favorite jewelry, bags, and scarves. Accessories are the finishing touch that create the ultimate exclamation point to your look!


When you have a top that is a statement in and of itself, you can keep the accessories simple. A mixed media choker and a silver chain bag, used as a clutch or with the strap, is all you need for this savvy top!


This black top has fantastic statement sleeves! It only needs a pop of bling at the ears and a super fab bag that stands out on its own. This structured beauty is the yin to the top’s flow-y yang. A perfect marriage in contrasts and textures.


What is the focus? Your sexy shoulders, of course!  You definitely do not want to take away from the ethereal beauty of this décolleté top. You will be the picture of femininity with the addition of a gently bejeweled choker and soft tassel earrings.


A vibrant color pairs well with extravagant and trendy earrings.  These multi-colored tassel earrings are truly showstoppers. Plus, the various colors will allow you to elevate multiple outfits to the next level.  The gold chain mail bag creates a definite moment and can also be used as a clutch to change your look.

Don’t let the fear of accessorizing damper your outfit…mix it up with what you love!

Anatomie: How To Travel in Style by Celeste Crutchfield | 11.15.17

With winter and the holidays quickly approaching, many of us are planning to travel during winter break or fly the coop all together for warmer climes. The thought of packing can either bring joy (yay! I’m leaving!) or dread (what do I pack?), or both. If you are like most people, you have to pack for multiple activities…hiking during the day then dining and hitting the dance floor at night.

Many of us are consummate over-packers. But there is no need with the luxury travel brand Anatomie. It is high-quality, incredibly stylish, breathable, and goes easily from day to night. Bonus…it packs down to nothing so a carry-on bag is perfect!  There will be no need to waste your precious vacation time at the baggage claim.

Anatomie is aptly named…it is impeccably tailored to fit the female body. Many travel clothing lines are not…the clothing is shapeless, baggy, and completely unflattering.  Anatomie is sleek, travel-specific athleisure wear that can be worn both home and abroad!


Both of these tops are made with the comfort of jersey knit and sport the contrasting style of mesh sleeves and yoke. The elegant and sleek styles are curve-hugging and flattering to all silhouettes. These tops say urban chic and can be dressed up for the evening or become a part of your everyday wardrobe.


These curve hugging cargo pants have the perfect amount of stretch for comfort without the dreaded “baggy butt.” The tailoring is faultless and will stand up to any safari, hike, or day in your neighborhood. Slip on a pair of heels and an Anatomie mesh top for a sexy night on the town!

More signature curve-hugging stretch comes in this sporty legging. Its contrasting panels and side pockets say city chic even if you are traveling in the Outback. Its strength in style is perfect to update your day-to-day wardrobe.


This luxe, lightweight jacket is wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and extremely durable. The ribbon detailing adds a feminine flair while the cargo pockets lend a utilitarian urban vibe. It complements all Anatomie pants and tops for an instantly sleek and chic outfit.


Anatomie can help simplify your life!

Thanksgiving Anxiety? We’ve Got You Covered! by Celeste Crutchfield | 11.08.17

What is to not like about Thanksgiving? We get to spend a wonderful day with family and friends eating scrumptious food, watching football on multiple screens, enjoying fine wine and frothy suds, and making sure Rover keeps his paws off the dining room table. However, with any large gathering comes some angst…do you roast, smoke, fry the turkey? How do you cook a meal for your gluten-free, vegan sister and your meatatarian, Paleo-loving brother? Whether you are hosting dinner or headed on a road trip, we can set your closet dilemma at ease!

You’re the Host…


You are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year! You plan the menu, do the shopping, and pick it all up at Whole Foods and Stomping Ground…why cook? Let someone else do it for you! Swap out the apron and put on this stunning, burgundy velvet top by BCBG. It goes equally well with blue jeans as it does with black or winter white pants. This top is perfect for the holidays and beyond!


Thanksgiving at the Farm


You won’t be milking the cows but you could very well play football! Be fashion forward and ready for the big game in this super cozy patchwork sweater. Comfy jeans are a must, and of course don’t forget stylish footwear!


A Dressier Affair


It’s Thanksgiving in the city! Watch the Macy’s parade then slip into festive attire by Julie Brown! The vibrant colors, bountiful flowers, and bell sleeves say happy, on-trend, and screams confidence. Plus, the style is sleek yet not fitted so plenty of room to eat!

Be inspired to put your fashion foot forward for all of your Thanksgiving activities!

Lightweight Jackets by Celeste Crutchfield | 10.31.17

Mother Nature has pulled a trick on us this fall. Barely any rain and warm temperatures all September and October…yay me! I love it! However, the nights and early mornings are cool and crisp, making us realize that yes, winter is coming…

As we all know, layering is essential in the fall. The most important layer is your jacket or coat. Having the right selection of lightweight jackets from which to choose will keep you prepared from moderate fall days, chilly fall nights, and everything in between. And at this time of year, jackets can truly showcase your style!

The Anorak


The Anorak is perfect for foggy, cool, damp days. This one in particular is water resistant and has a hood to protect your best hair day. The zipper and wrist closures will keep any cold precipitation at bay while locking in necessary warmth.


The Vest


OK, so a vest is technically not a jacket. However, we all know keeping our core warm is critical and vests are perfect layering pieces for really, fall, winter, and spring. This cozy vest comes in cream, gray, and black.


Athleisure Combo


I love two-fers…I feel I get more bang for my buck! Both of these jackets have hoodies that can be detached. You can go for the casual look on the weekend sporting the hoodie, and then zip it out for the work week!


Loving Leather


Always a favorite, a black leather jacket can add understated style to any outfit. It is perfectly at place topping an outfit you wear to a ball game or can add an edge to your work attire.

P.S., This leather jacket, YES, LEATHER, is washable!


Black leather can definitely be considered a staple of any closet but why not try a little color? The slate blue jacket has a terrific fringe detail and guess what…it, too, is washable! The metallic jacket is perfect when dressing for dinner or a cocktail party and the buff jacket? Well, it goes with everything!

Don’t hide your style; showcase it in your outerwear!

Designer Spotlight: Conrad C by Celeste Crutchfield | 10.20.17

I am constantly looking for a clothing line has a passion for quality and style and strives to make a woman look and feel her best. Conrad C is a favorite of Kiskadee’s as a lifestyle brand dedicated to woman who “wears what they love and love what they wear.”

Each season, Conrad C searches the globe for new trends and fine fabrics. They have a commitment to today’s women to design comfortable and stylish clothing. I can attest, they do!

You want it? Conrad C has it!


Conrad C stays on top of trends and incorporates details into every garment. Note the edgy grommets lining the hemline of this comfy sweater. Pair it with Conrad C’s textured leggings and a fun furry bootie.  This ain’t your everyday outfit, sweetheart…see you on the cover of Rolling Stone!

Plain Jane? Nope!


Don’t let the front of this cozy sweater fool you. Conrad C made sure there is a party in the back by slipping in a sexy zipper detail!


Dress me up!


Again, Conrad C focuses on the trends. Here we see velvet (click here is you missed yesterday’s post on this trend) paired with sheer sleeves and a ruched turtleneck. It is classic, sophisticated, and intelligent. This gorgeous top pairs well with a silk skirt, palazzo pants, or your best jeans.


Work Perfect


Dressing for work need not be a bore. Be fabulous and confident in this beautiful purple vegan suede dress. The zipper detail says “power” and that you mean business.  Yes, you can wear into the board room!

Trend To Try: Velvet by Celeste Crutchfield | 10.19.17

In 2016, velvet was a hit on the runway. In 2017, it surged to the forefront of the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. This luxurious fabric is seen in pants, jumpsuits, boyfriend blazers, you name it! And the colors range from sophisticated neutrals to vibrant reds, yellows, and royal blue.

Velvet has typically been considered a more fussy fabric…one you put on to step out to a cocktail party or formal event. Well like so many arbitrary fashion rules (think no white after Labor Day), it was meant to be broken. There is no need to put on velvet and feel overdressed! Pair it with trendy silhouettes like skinny jeans and mid-calf boots or mix it with different textures so it blends without making too much of a statement.



This velvet top is a fusion of texture. There is an underlying silk top enveloped by an attached plush velvet vest. Softly flowing from the vest are sheer panels that swirl gracefully as you move. Dress it up with vegan leather pants and sexy heels, or down with jeans and booties. Whatever suits your mood!


Go for the Edge


This velvet blazer is simply stunning. Not only is it made of this luxe fabric but the texture is phenomenal. Layer it over a crisp white shirt or go monochromatic and layer it over a black cami or slim turtleneck.  Use it as you would a bomber jacket to top your favorite skirts, dresses, and jeans.


If you need a boyfriend blazer, this is it! It is roomy and slouchy in all the right places. And the rich taupe color imparts a gorgeous sheen that will add an edge to any outfit you choose.


Still not sure…


If you want to try the velvet trend without enveloping yourself in the entire fabric there are plenty of opportunities to start small. This top is perfect with its vertical strip of black velvet. And I love how you have such a luxe fabric immersed in a waffle weave. The juxtaposition of the fabrics is a match made in heaven!


This floral top harkens back to a more romantic period. It is feminine and flirty with teeniest black velvet stripe interspersed throughout the blouse. The sheer sleeves and covered buttons simply add to the dreaminess of this beautiful top.


Last, but not least…


Skip the glass slipper and go for the velvet shoes!

It’s College Game Day! by Celeste Crutchfield | 10.13.17

We are a football nation. Every weekend we flip on the tube, pick our favorite teams to watch, eat guacamole and chips then yell, cry, or cheer as our various alma maters grind their way to victory. Unless, of course, you are Alabama. Then you simply slaughter your opponents. [Author’s note: The author is not recommending one team over the other…simply the fashions!]

If you are able to travel to your alma mater’s games even better! And of course with homecoming, you want to pull out all the stops by stepping out in your school’s colors. You can cheer on your team and remain stylish at the same time.



You can’t snack on Carolina BBQ without looking snazzy in your light blue top and white jeans. YES! White jeans after Labor Day!  Certain rules were made to be broken, y’all, and flaunted at homecoming!


Big 10


It can be a little chilly heading into homecoming at the University of Michigan. Dress the part by combining warm corduroy pants with a long-sleeve, gorgeous navy top. Add the beautiful scarf in bright, sunny yellow and you will have the extra layer needed to stay warm as you chant “D-Fence” until the bitter end.




No jeans and tees for the southern gals! The SEC ladies dress for their games. Cheer on the LSU Tigers in this stylish purple frock. Bring out the tall boots, throw on a scarf, feast on pre-game crawfish étouffée and prepare to root the Tigers to victory!


Big 12


Everything is big in Texas. Why not kick it up a notch with embroidered pants and a burnt orange top. Hook ‘em horns and stay cool in the stands with this cheerful ensemble!